Xizi Otis Elevator Co. Ltd.
Xi-zi Otis


1997 (Hangzhou, China)

Succeeded by

Xizi Elevator Group

Subsidiary of

Otis Elevator Company

Succeeded to

Hangzhou XIOLift Co. Ltd. (since 2004)
Otis Electric Elevator Co. Ltd. (since 2017)


Defunct since 2017


Xizi Otis Elevator

Xizi Otis (Chinese: 西子奥的斯, sometimes abbreviated as simply XO) is the largest joint venture of Otis Elevator Company in China. It was established on March 12, 1997 in Hangzhou, China as a joint-venture between Otis Elevator Company and Xizi Elevator Group.

In 2004, Xizi Otis along with Otis Elevator Company formed XO-LIFT (Chinese: 西奥电梯[1]) as part of a joint venture between the two companies. Later in 2009, XO-LIFT formed SWORD Elevator which is under the management of XO-LIFT. The SWORD brand is mainly targeted for international markets. XO-LIFT has been renamed to XIOLIFT in 2018.

Notable products


  • OH 1000: Small machine room less elevator for residential buildings.
  • Gen2-Regen: Machine room less elevators, also comes as a mini machine room type.
  • OH 5000: Traction elevator for mid to high-rise buildings.
  • OH 7000: Gearless elevator for high-rise buildings.
  • FOVF: Standard freight elevator.

Escalators and moving walks

Elevator fixtures

Main article: Xizi Otis Elevator Fixture Guide

Notable installations


  • IKEA, LIVAT Shopping Centre, Beijing
  • Glory Mall, Beijing
  • Hongqiao Market, Beijing
  • Hangzhou Civic Centre - Cultural Wave Mall, Hangzhou
  • Raddison (Landison) Plaza Hotel, Hangzhou
  • Wuhan Metro Line 7, Wuhan
  • Raffles City Shanghai, Shanghai
  • Silver Seas Hotel, Yan'an
  • iSQUARE, Hong Kong[2]
  • C.C. Wu Building, Hong Kong (2013)[3]
  • Wongtee Plaza, Shenzhen (2013)
  • Some of the Shanghai Metro Station, Shanghai
    • Xintiandi Station
    • Tiantong Road Station



  • Sudirman Park (2003)
  • Thamrin City (formerly Jakarta City Centre)
  • fX Sudirman (service elevators)
  • Lindeteves Trade Center (service elevators)
  • CityWalk Sudirman
  • Cibubur Junction, Cibubur
  • Tamini Square

Other cities

  • Plaza Istana Commodities Center, Bandung
  • BG Junction, Surabaya
  • Pasar Atom Mall, Surabaya
  • Graha Pena Fajar, Makassar

Other countries

  • ViVo City Shopping Mall, Singapore (2006)[2]
  • 1 The Terrace, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand
  • TriNoMa (Triangle North of Manila) Mall, Quezon City, Philippines[4]
  • University of Sto. Tomas, City of Manila, Philippines 
  • La Polar department store, Santiago, Chile (elevators and escalators)
  • La Polar department store, Coquimbo, Chile (escalators)
  • Esplanade Ratchadapisek, Bangkok, Thailand[5]
  • FuramaXclusive Asoke, Bangkok, Thailand[5]


Notes and references

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See also

  • Otis (Most of the Xizi Otis installations are also handled by Otis)

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