This is a guide of some thyssenkrupp elevator fixtures found in South Korea as well as other countries in Asia.

2003 to present

From 2003 onwards, these fixtures are mostly based from Dong Yang elevators.


Oval buttons

These buttons were first made by Dong Yang in the early 2000s. These buttons are metal oval shaped with red illuminating halo and a small red stripe on the left side of the button. ThyssenKrupp has stopped producing these buttons, but they often provide spare buttons for modernizations.

Black buttons

These buttons were also first made by Dong Yang in the early 2000s as their improved version of their 1990s black button fixtures. ThyssenKrupp continues to produced these fixtures after the buyout through the mid-2000s, when their elevators were branded as ThyssenKrupp Dongyang. These buttons are black square buttons with green lamp and a silver halo. The alarm/intercom button is painted in yellow.

Type 88

These are rounded rectangular buttons with red halo lamp and a raised black stripe on the bottom of the buttons. Sometimes they may have braille as an option.

Type 99

These buttons are round metal with illuminating halo.


These are silver diamond-shaped buttons which resembles Hyundai's Type 40 push buttons. They can have braille marks as an option. AN170 buttons are also used in ThyssenKrupp elevators manufactured in China as an option besides the STEP Module Classic and MT 42 buttons.


These are STEP Module buttons known as TK11 in South Korea, though the button labeling are slightly different.


These are touch sensitive round buttons on a black panel with a light blue illuminating halo[1].


These are round stainless steel buttons with an illuminating halo that has been broke into two parts. They were first appeared in the ThyssenKrupp Dongyang era. It is unknown if ThyssenKrupp Korea still made these buttons.


These are solid dome shaped round buttons[1].

Floor indicators and hall lanterns

Floor indicators are mostly LED dot-matrix but there is also a digital segments display.

Notes and references

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