ThyssenKrupp EVOLUTION is a machine room less elevator product line of thyssenkrupp, manufactured in Europe and China. Besides the standard Evolution, there is also the Evolution 1, Evolution 2 and EVOLUTION BLUE series.


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  • 630-3000 kilograms (or 8-40 persons) capacities
  • 1/1.6/1.75/2/2.5 meters per second speeds
  • Serves up to about 70 floors
  • Travel height up to 80 meters
  • Single or double entrances
  • Door types (either thyssenkrupp's own door components or Meiller Group door components)
    • Center opening (2 panels)
    • Two speed telescoping (2 panels)
    • Two speed telescoping center opening (4 panels)
  • STEP Basic, Classic, Solid and MT 42 & Series 44 fixtures

Notable installations

Main article: List of notable ThyssenKrupp EVOLUTION elevator installations

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