ThyssenKrupp Dongyang Elevator Co. Ltd.
ThyssenKrupp Dongyang name



Preceded by

Dong Yang

Succeeded by

thyssenkrupp Elevator (Korea) Ltd.


October 2003 to August 2008



ThyssenKrupp Dongyang was the merging brand between Dong Yang and thyssenkrupp. It was formed in October 2003 when thyssenkrupp bought Dong Yang elevator. The brand was renamed in August 2008 into thyssenkrupp Elevator (Korea) Ltd.

Notable installations

South Korea

  • Woori Bank Head Office, Seoul
  • Lotte Department Store - Gangnam Branch, Seoul
  • LG, Hyundai and Ssangyong Apartment reconstruction projects, Dogok-dong, Gangnam-du, Seoul
  • BLUENINE, Seoul
  • Truetech Building, Seoul (with thyssenkrupp TWIN)
  • WOW Fashion Club, Seoul
  • Ho-Su Building, Daegu
  • M-City Tower, Goyang


  • Erha21 Clinic Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
  • Redtop Hotel, Pecenongan, Jakarta
  • Margo City, Depok (2006)
  • Legian Beach Hotel, Bali

Elevator fixtures

Main article: ThyssenKrupp Elevator Fixtures Guide (South Korea)


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