Thyssen AG
Thyssen (Original Logo)


1891 (Hamborn, Duisburg, Germany)


August Thyssen

Succeeded by


Year active

1891 - 1999



Thyssen AG was a German steel manufacturer that also manufactures elevators and escalators. The company merged with Krupp in 1999 to form thyssenkrupp.


Thyssen was founded on September 29, 1891 by August Thyssen and his brother Joseph in Duisburg, Germany. In 1973, Thyssen acquired Rheinstahl[1], a German manufacturing company. Later in 1976, Rheinstahl AG was renamed to Thyssen Industrie AG and Thyssen Aufzüge (elevator division). They also took over MAN's elevator division in the 1980s, and later became Thyssen-MAN in 1984. Thyssen joined with more than six different elevator companies such as Otis, Schindler, Kone, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Johns & Waygood (later Johns Perry Lifts and then Boral Elevators) and Toshiba.

In 1995, Thyssen announced that Krupp will be merged, and both companies merged in 1999. The merger between both companies were completed in 2001 and thus the name become ThyssenKrupp. At the same year, Thyssen renamed their US elevator and escalator division Dover Elevators from Thyssen Dover to the new ThyssenKrupp name.

Notable acquisitions

Notable installations

Main article: List of notable Thyssen elevator installations

Overseas distributors

In the 1970s-1980s, few Thyssen escalators in both Hong Kong and England were distributed by Marryat & Scott. Thyssen escalators and moving walks were also distributed in Australia by Boral Elevators in the 1980s-1990s. They are usually branded as Thyssen-Boral.

In Hong Kong, Thyssen elevators were distributed by Bongear Engineering during the 1980s-1990s, until it was acquired by ThyssenKrupp Elevator (Hong Kong) in the 2000s. Some Thyssen escalators in Hong Kong were also distributed by General Electric Company (GEC) Hong Kong during that time.

Thyssen elevators in Israel were installed and branded as Isralift. In South Korea, Thyssen elevators were distributed by Hanyang (and they are often branded as Hanyang Thyssen)[3] in the 1990s.


  • In Hong Kong and few other countries, some ThyssenKrupp elevators installed between 2000 and 2004 were still branded as Thyssen for some reason but has the ThyssenKrupp logo[4].
  • When Thyssen acquires Dover in 1999, it was known as Thyssen Dover in the United States, but their products were branded as Dover until 2001, when it was simply known as ThyssenKrupp.


Note and references

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