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Call cancellation buttons are very common on Soviet 1970s-1980s elevators with pop-out buttons (especially KMZ ones). Most of them have one button to cancel all car calls, sometimes each car call button has its own small cancel button.

PS, on these elevators, pushing cancel while moving causes two different actions. If there are no landing calls in the same direction, the elevator immediately switches to low speed, crawls to the closest landing, stops and opens its door, then operates normally. If there is a landing call in the same direction, the car continues moving and stops normally at that landing. Lifting passenger's legs off the floor while moving is identical to pushing cancel.

PPS, these elevators almost always have a green start button. To start moving, one must press a car call button and this start button. It is similar to usual "door close", but pressing this button is obligatory to start.

Watchmakerful (talk) 20:47, April 17, 2015 (UTC)