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This is a guide to some fixtures used in Sigma elevator, as well as also applied for Otis in South Korea.

2001 to present


Rectangular buttons

These buttons were originally created and used by LG Elevators from 1997 until 2005, and were reused by Sigma in 2001 and as of today they are still being produced with minor revision. These buttons are rounded rectangular with red illuminating halo and lamp, and are mostly comes with braille. They also came out as flushed or surface mounted type.

Round buttons

These are round metal buttons with red illuminating lamp on the center. Some elevators in the United States are also using these buttons, and equipped with ADA compliant braille and tactile plates next to them (see American fixtures section).

Square buttons

These buttons are square stainless steel with a tiny red triangular lamp on the top-left side of the buttons.

Round metal buttons

These are round metal polished buttons with grooved side, braille, and amber illuminating halo and floor number and symbols.

Floor indicators

Digital segments floor inducators

Sigma continued to produce GoldStar's 1980s inner floor indicators and 1990s hall floor indicator displays and some LG luxury hall lanterns.[1] There are many styles of these indicators, some of them were actually reused from GoldStar and LG. These indicators are usually lights up in orange, but on some late models, the indicators lights up in red.

LED dot-matrix floor indicators

LED dot-matrix floor indicators were introduced in 2005, and are now commonly found in some newer elevators. These indicators have scrolling arrows and their LED color are either red or orange. There are many styles of these indicators.

Hall lanterns

Sigma continues to produce the mid-1990s LG hall lanterns with small revision. These lanterns are round and usually lights up in orange but some lights up in red or green.


MiniTouch first came out in the early 2010s. Both the hall button and car operating panels are black mirror polished with touch-sensitive buttons, and suggesting that they could be equivalent to Schindler's 3300 fixtures. Some are also using small white square buttons instead of touch-sensitive for the hall call, door control, and alarm buttons. Above the floor buttons is a small LCD screen which displays information and also the position of the elevator. There is also a LCD screen floor indicator above the COP with rotating arrow.


There are very few Sigma elevators using New Otis fixtures[2].

American fixtures

American Sigma elevators use round buttons that looks the same as the Asian version, only with a small red lamp on the center. Floor indicators are the similar types that are used in Asia. There are also two acrylic triangular in-car lanterns which lights up in green for up and red for down.

Unknown fixtures in Thailand

These fixtures are only found in Thailand. They have stainless steel rectangular buttons with red illuminating halo, and either LED dot-matrix or LCD floor indicators.

BIS Building, Bangkok Sigma Traction Elevators (Phase 1)01:37

BIS Building, Bangkok Sigma Traction Elevators (Phase 1)

Unknown fixtures found in BIS Building (Phase 1), Bangkok, Thailand (video: MelvinMan10).

Generic fixtures

Sigma elevators often use generic Dewhurst fixtures in Singapore and Hong Kong, normally using the US90-15 pushbuttons and vandal-resistant floor indicators (in Hong Kong only). Dewhurst chassis also provided.[3]

Chimes and beeps

From the early 2000s, Sigma use two chimes, which sounds once for upward and twice for downward. These chimes were originally introduced by LG Elevators in the very late 1990s. By mid 2000s, the chimes were modified to sound sharper than the original chimes[4], and many elevators have newer chimes which consists of four stages chime for up travel and two stages chime for down travel[5]. Some elevators also have low-pitched version of the original chimes.[6] Sometime in the early 2010s, new version of both four and two stages chimes were introduced, which sounds very similar to SJEC elevators in China.[7][8]

Since 2001, floor buttons emits a beep when they are pressed. However, Sigma elevators installed in the United States do not have floor button beep, instead the beep is used as floor passing chime.


  • Sigma elevators installed in the United States do not have floor button beeps. Instead, the beep is used as floor passing chime.


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