Shanghai Mitsubishi LEHY-MRL is the current machine room less elevator model of Shanghai Mitsubishi.


LEHY-MRL is a machine room less traction elevator for low to mid-rise building. Similar to Mitsubishi Electric's Elenessa, this model has its maintenance control board located hidden behind the landint station on the top floor, unlike conventional MRL elevators where the control board is housed in a large secured cabinet on the wall next to the landing doors. A silver keyhole on the bottom of the panel is used to access the control board.

This model can be easily identified by its scrolling directional arrows on the floor indicators inside the car.


  • Gearless traction
  • VVVF control
  • 0.63/1/1.4/1.75 m/s speed.
  • Capacity:
    • 320/450/550/630 kg for 0.63 m/s speed.
    • 320-2500 kg for 1 m/s speed.
    • 630/800/1050 kg for 1.4 m/s speed.
    • 630-2500 kg for 1.75 m/s speed.
  • Maximum number of floors served:
    • 5 floors for 0.63 and 1 m/s speed with 320/450/550 kg capacity.
    • 18 floors for 1 m/s speed with 630-2500 kg capacity.
    • 28 floors for 1.4 and 1.75 m/s speed with 630-2500 kg capacity.
  • Up to 4 elevators in a group.
  • Center or two speed telescopic side opening doors.
  • Single entrance only.

Notable installations


  • Mall of Indonesia, Jakarta (2012)
  • Bank Permata KCU Asemka, Jakarta
  • Grand Inna Kuta, Bali (2012)
  • Mercure Hotel Nusa Dua, Bali

Other countries

  • Rotunda do Istmo pedestrian footbridge, Cotai, Macau


Mall of Indonesia, Jakarta Brand New Shanghai Mitsubishi Traction Elevator (Lobby 5)02:40

Mall of Indonesia, Jakarta Brand New Shanghai Mitsubishi Traction Elevator (Lobby 5)

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