This is a guide to elevator fixtures used in Shanghai Mitsubishi elevators.


Many Shanghai Mitsubishi elevators installed in the early 1990s were using the same set of fixtures used in regular Mitsubishi elevators; which consists of black square buttons with yellow lamp and digital segmented floor indicators.

2000s to present


Black square buttons

These buttons looks identical to the ones used in Mitsubishi GPS-III, GPM-III and GPX elevators in the late 1990s to mid 2000s. They are normally used in Shanghai Mitsubishi GPS-III elevators.

Black resin buttons

These buttons are made of resin and illuminates in yellow orange when pressed.

Smaller square buttons

These buttons are normally used in high-rise elevators. They are smaller square plastic buttons with a yellow illuminating stri on the top.

Round stainless steel buttons

These buttons are flat, round stainless steel with illuminating halo and flushed with the panel.

Round resin buttons

These round resin buttons are convex and can be black or white.

Square stainless steel buttons

These stainless steel buttons have both illuminating halo and number/symbol. The number/symbol would light up in white, while the halo would light up in yellow or white.

Buttons used in Shanghai Mitsubishi Elenessa elevators

Most Shanghai Mitsubishi Elenessa elevators uses the same type of buttons as the ones used in Mitsubishi Electric's Elenessa elevators. They can be black barrel shaped plastic buttons or round stainless steel buttons with illuminating tactile.

Floor indicators and hall lanterns

LED dot matrix

An LCD-based LED dot matrix display, very identical to the ones used in Mitsubishi Electric elevators. Some panels may have a slightly larger display with scrolling arrow. This is the most common type of indicator used in many Shanghai Mitsubishi elevators.

HD true color LED display

These are LCD-like LED display with a Tahoma font. They are commonly used in LEHY-M high rise elevators.

LCD display

There are two types of LCD display; one is a smaller display with yellow number and arrow, and another one is a large multimedia TFT LCD display.

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