Schindler design S was an elevator model produced by Schindler from 1984 until in the late 1990s. Not much is known about this model except that they are meant for low to mid-rise buildings and were using S-Series fixtures with scrolling LED dot-matrix floor indicators. They were mostly comes in traction, hydraulic ones were probably existed. Not all elevators have the name "design S" displayed on the car station panel. This model was not sold in the United States, or Canada.

Notable installations

  • Eastgate Court, Guilford, United Kingdom
  • WHSmith, Ipswich, United Kingdom
  • PS Tower, Bangkok, Thailand (1992, scenic elevator)
  • Kitpanit Building, Bangkok, Thailand



Schindler Design S Lift @ Eastgate Court in Guildford01:34

Schindler Design S Lift @ Eastgate Court in Guildford

Schindler designS traction? elevator at Eastgate Court in Guildford, UK


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