STM S5500 rope

An exceeding Schindler Suspension Traction Media ropes from a new Schindler 5500.

The Schindler Suspension Traction Media (also known as STM, originally called TractionMedia) is an elevator hoisting traction rope introduced by Schindler in 2008 along with the Schindler 3300 elevator. It is a successor of Schindler Aramid.


Suspension Traction Media consists of steel cords coated with elastomeric material. It weighs less than conventional steel ropes, takes less space, does not require any oil or lubricant, and runs quieter. STM also saves shaft space because of the smaller motor and traction sheave that is 72% smaller than traditional systems. It is also enviromental friendly, durable, and easy to be installed.

For the safety device, Slack STM Detection Contacts already implemented at the both end of the belt.


Suspension Traction Media is currently used in Schindler 3100, 3300, 5500, 6300, 6400 NA (for modernization in America) and 6500.




Schindler Traction Media00:32

Schindler Traction Media

Schindler Traction Media video (video by Jardine Schindler

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