Schindler Haughton
Schindler Haughton Logo 1925-1974

Preceded by


Succeeded by

Schindler Elevator Corp. (American division)


1979 (Toledo, Ohio, U.S.A)


1989 (Toledo, Ohio, U.S.A)

Schindler Haughton was the merging brand between Haughton and the future Schindler Elevator Company (American division). The brand was officially defunct in 1989 and known as simply Schindler.

Notable installations

  • Toledo Hospital, Toledo, OH
  • One Seagate, Toledo, OH
  • Seagate Convention Centre, Toledo OH
  • Three Seagate, Toledo OH
  • Four Seagate,Toledo OH
  • Manor Care Building, Toledo, OH
  • Imagination Station, Toledo, OH
  • JW Marriott Washington DC[1]
  • Westchester Marriott, Tarrytown, NY[2]

Notes and references

  1. Modernized by Schindler into Miconic 10 destination dispatch.
  2. Modernized into PORT destination dispatch elevators.
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