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Low to mid-rise mini machine room and machine room less traction elevator

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Schindler 3300 and Schindler 5500

Schindler EuroLift was a modular machine room less elevator system produced by Schindler for both new installation and modernization, introduced in 2000. It replaced the SchindlerMobile in 2001. It features a permanent magnet gearless motor and can serve up to 30 floors. For some reason, they can be a mini machine room model as requested by clients. They were also possible to be combined with Miconic 10 or PORT. They were discontinued in 2014 and replaced to 3300 at the same time and 5500 in 2013.

These elevators uses a set of fixtures called FI MXB, which consists of push buttons that are shaped like the M-Series buttons with yellow illumination and yellow LED floor indicators. Schindler EuroLift elevators are usually identified by its thicker LED font on the floor indicators and narrower car station mounted on the elevator car's side wall. Some elevators also have a button beep when the floor buttons are pressed.

Notable installations

Main article: List of notable Schindler EuroLift elevator installations


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