This is a guide to the elevator fixtures found in Schindler elevators in North America. For the fixtures found in worldwide, please refer to Schindler Elevator Fixtures Guide

1984 to 2004

RT fixtures

When Schindler bought out Westinghouse's elevator division in 1989, it carried the production of Westinghouse's RT buttons over to their part division, Adams. RT was the Westinghouse's/Schindler's answer to Dover's Traditional fixtures. RT is very rarely used in newer installations, although Schindler Vandal Resistant COPs still use RT for fire service

1989 to 2005

MT fixtures

Schindler MT fixtures were first made in 1989 and became their competitor to Dover Impulse, OTIS Series 1, and Montgomery Vector (and later MontgomeryKONE Series 220). These fixtures typically use triangular, round, or square lens lanterns, along with a rectangular button with a square braille plate, white square button, and illuminating red rectangular light above the button. It can mount with M-Line fixtures which have few installations in the United States. These fixtures are another type of the fixtures made by Epco and provided by Schindler. Nowadays, Schindler MT fixtures are still provided on the low-rise 500A elevators and special order.

MT Vandal Resistant

These are very similar to the HT vandal resistant, but the lamp in the button is green, white or yellow. Not much is known about MT Vandal Resistant because they are not as common as Schindler's other fixtures.

1997 to present

HT fixtures

The HT fixtures started in 1997 and was firstly made by Schindler and used in the Schindler 321A elevators. HT fixtures are applied on the Schindler 330A, 400A, and 500A and modernization elevators (Miconic HXpress). It has many different variations:

The HT product line has been transferred to Adams since 2016.

Standard HT

The standard version of the HT fixtures are the basic fixtures used in the 330A (hydraulic), 400A and 500A models.  Standard HT buttons look like white, rounded rectangular buttons, that bulge out and have an indentation in the center to make the button easier to press. The braille is black with white lettering.

"Premium" HT

HT comes in a premium variety that replaces the black Lexan-esque plastic call station with a stainless steel one. Other than a change in materials, they are the same as "Standard" HT. The interior remains unchanged and uses the "Standard" HT Fixtures.

HT Vandal Resistant

HT also comes in a vandal-resistant version. HT vandal-resistant buttons are stainless steel, with a white dot in the center the illuminates in red when pressed. They are very similar to Schindler MT Vandal Resistant. Phone button locations vary between the 300A (between fire service and the floor buttons) and 330A/400A/500A models (in the same area as the door controls and alarm). It is very common in Canada, rather than the normal HT. They are also used on Schindler 5500 on custom order.


There are three known type of chimes found on HT elevators as of 2014. There were thought to be only two, but a discovery in 2014 showed that there was one more type of chime HT elevators used before the current one.

The first HT elevators originally used chimes that were lower pitched than the ones they use now. Any time Schindler's maintenance crew finds one of these, they replace the chimes with the current high-pitched ones, so they are now very rare. The current chime is much slower than the low-pitched chime. 330As and 400As all use these types of chimes. The only difference between the two of these elevators are the floor passing chimes.

The two mentioned types of chimes above were thought to be the only two chimes HT elevators used. However, on March 28, 2014, YouTube user Ih8escalators discovered a Schindler 321A installed in 1998 with extremely rare chimes, which are lower than the common low-pitched chimes. This elevator can be found at Macy's Furniture Gallery in Carle, Place, New York, and as of 2016, this is the only known elevator with these chimes, and is possibly the only HT elevator left in the world with these chimes. They was discontinued possibly because of ADA regulations, the same problem the more-common low-pitched chimes had. This type of chime was possibly replaced by the more-recognizable low-pitched chime.


Further Information: Schindler Elevator Fixtures Guide (Z-Line sections)

Z-Line are hall keypads used in the Miconic 10 destination dispatch elevators. In the earlier version of the American Miconic 10, the keypads have black square buttons and simple red LED dot-matrix display above the keypad buttons. They can also be in a form of a standalone pillar. Later version have large panel, white buttons, and LCD car indicator display with grey dot-matrix. Newer Miconic 10 elevators in the United States were using the standard boxless Z-Line keypads which were also used outside the United States.

Z-Line keypad were discontinued in 2012 when the PORT elevators were introduced (as a keypad in the elevator for registering floors are not allowed in the US) but the Z-Line destination indicator currently still in-production for the PORT system.

FI GL 100 Line

Further Information: Schindler Elevator Fixtures Guide (FI GL 100 Line sections)

These fixtures are used in American 3300 MRL elevators. The American FI GL 100 Line fixtures have white square buttons which lights up in red and square metal call buttons with a circle tactile and a small red lamp on the top-left. Floor indicators are red LED digital segments, the exterior floor and lantern indicator is normally installed on the door jamb. There are no touch-sensitive buttons as they are non-ADA compliant. Those fixtures are officially discontinued in 2017 and replaced with FI GS.


FI GS[1] was introduced to the United States in September 2016 when the Schindler 3100 was launched to the North American market[2]. Unlike the version found in Europe and Asia Pacific, the buttons does not have braille or tactile (due to ADA compliance). Instead, braille plate is present beside them[3]. It mid 2017, the Schindler 3300 switched over to using FI GS fixtures. It is also used on Schindler 3300 XL installations. It looks very similar to the American version of Linea 100 fixtures (see below), which are used in Schindler 5500 elevators.

Linea 100

Further Information: Schindler Elevator Fixtures Guide (Linea 100 sections)

These fixtures are used in the American 5500 elevators. They look exactly the same as the ones used in Europe and Asia Pacific except with added braille plates and there is no tactile on the buttons due to ADA compliance[4]. The panels comes in either white or black.

Third-party/generic fixtures



Further information: EPCO Fixtures Guide

Elevator Products Corporation (EPCO) is Schindler's fixture division. EPCO is just like any other third party elevator company like Innovation, GAL, etc. EPCO also makes some fixtures that are only used on Schindler elevators and made just for Schindler elevators, however, the fixtures made for Scchindler. EPCO was bought out by Westinghouse in the mid 1980s. After Schindler bought Westinghouse, EPCO continued to make MT fixtures for Schindler but EPCO also continued to make Westinghouse AE too but EPCO's Westinghouse AE was not specifically just for Schindler, EPCO made the Westinghouse AE fixtures for any elevator installs. Westinghouse AE was renamed Circleline and joined the EPCO fixture line that could be used on any elevator instead of joinning Epco's fixture lines that were made for Schindler. EPCO still made MT and RT just like AE (Circleline) but MT and RT were made by EPCO for Schindler just like how EPCO made AE, MT and RT for Westinghouse in the 1980s. Adams is also a division of Schindler and makes RT line.

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