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Not to be confused with a Schindler 7000.

Schindler 700 was an international, high-rise gearless traction elevator model made by Schindler. It was presented in November 2002 at the telecommunication towers in Frankfurt, Germany. It was the company's fastest and first elevator system for global application. It was replaced with the Schindler 7000 in 2006.


The Schindler 700 elevator can travel up to speed of 10 meters per second. The Schindler 700 elevator is gearless traction, can travel as high as 500 meters and speeds up to 10 m/s. It contains a large number of technical innovations like the Active Ride Control system ARC, the Ceramic Safety Breaks and the Modular Shaft Information System (MoSIS). It also features the Varidor 70, the state-of-the-art center opening doors. Futhermore, Schindler 700 can be integrated with Miconic 10 and Schindler ID systems.

Notable installations


  • Plaza 66, Shanghai
  • Tomorrow Square, Shanghai
  • Walton Plaza, Shanghai
  • Junefield Plaza, Beijing
  • Oriental Kenzo Plaza, Beijing
  • Tianjin Xinda Plaza, Tianjin
  • Shangmao Century Plaza, Nanjing
  • The Island Resort, Hong Kong
  • Cyberport, Hong Kong
  • Three Pacific Place, Hong Kong
  • Langham Place Office Tower, Hong Kong

Other countries

  • All Seasons Place, Bangkok, Thailand
  • The Offices at CentralWorld, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Hocchaus Ensemble am Münchner Tor, Munich, Germany
  • CBX Tower, Paris, France
  • Torre Espacio, Madrid, Spain
  • Civic Tower, Sydney, Australia
  • Hearst Building, NY, United States
  • Hilton Americas Hotel, Houston, TX, United States

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