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Low-rise machine room less traction elevator

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Schindler 3100 is Schindler's machine room less elevator model for low-rise buildings. This model has been made in 2005-present and currently sold in Europe, United States and India.


The Schindler 3100 machine room less passenger elevator is very similar to Schindler 3300; it uses the same hoisting machine, controller, STM flat belt ropes and door components. It is designed for low-rise commercial and residential buildings up to 10 floors, can run up to 1 meters per second and can travel up to 30 meters.

The version sold in India is known as 3100 IN which was introduced in 2011. In the United States, this model was introduced in September 2016 and it is believed to be a replacement model of the Schindler 330A. Unlike the European and Indian version, the U.S. version only serves up to three floors.



  • Machine room less with gearless machine and VVVF controller
  • Pick-up and down collective control system
  • 450/480/630 kilograms (or 6/8 persons) capacities
  • 0.63 or 1 meters per second speeds
  • 20 meters of travel distance (for older installations) 30 meters of travel distance (for latest installations)
  • Serves up to 7 floors (for older installations) and 10 floors (for latest installations)
  • Single or double entrances
  • Two speed telescopic opening doors (with Fermator Group door components)
  • FI GL (older installations) and FI GS (latest installations) fixtures

India (3100 IN)

  • Machine room less with gearless machine and VVVF controller
  • Full and down collective control system
  • 340/408/476/544 kilograms (or 5/6/7/8 persons) capacities
  • 0.63 or 1 meters per second speeds
  • 45 meters of travel distance
  • Serves up to 16 floors
  • Single entrance only
  • Two speed telescopic opening doors
  • FI GS fixtures

United States

  • Machine room less with gearless machine and VVVF controller
  • Miconic NX microprocessor
  • Selective collective control system
  • 2100-3500 LBS (or 14-23 persons) capacities
  • 100 FPM (or 0.5 m/s) speed
  • 48 feet (or 14.6 meters) of travel distance
  • Only serves up to 3 floors
  • Single or double entrances
  • Center opening or two speed telescopic opening doors (door operator and shaft door component provided by Fermator Group)
  • ADA compliant FI GS fixtures

Notable installations

Europe & other countries

  • De la Sarthe Street, Brest, France (2014)
  • Urbanização do Espartal, Algarve, Portugal (2011)
  • Garellano Towers, Bilbao, Spain (2013)
  • Droningensgate 67, Narvik, Norway
  • Wiels Plass 2, Halden, Norway
  • Elisabeth Hospital, Sátoraljaújhely, Hungary (2012)
  • Kromolj, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovia (2015)
  • Park Boutique Hotel, Varaždin, Croatia (2015)
  • Atrium Shopping Centre, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
  • Canberra International Airport, Canberra, Australia (2009)
  • Westown Residence, Giza, Egypt (2013)

India (3100 IN)

  • Primanti, Gurgaon (2013)
  • Marbella, Gurgaon (2014)

United States

To be added.

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