Schindler 300


Schindler Group

Also known as

300A (North America), 300L (South America), 300 J (Japan), 300 P (Asia Pacific), and 300 ANZ (Australia & New Zealand)


1999-mid 2000s


Worldwide except Europe

Preceded by


Succeeded by

Schindler 5400

Schindler 300 was a series of elevator system produced by Schindler.


Schindler 300 was available in all continents, except for Europe where the system has been substituted by the EuroLift elevator. There were available in North America, South America, Asia-Pacific, Japan, and Australia-New Zealand.

North America

Main article: Schindler 300A

In North America (Canada and United States), it was known as 300A and it is a hydraulic elevator model. Schindler 300A is the only elevator model in the Schindler 300 family which is hydraulic.

South America

In South America, it was known as 300L.


Main article: Schindler 300 P


Schindler 300 elevators in Japan are known as 300J and only available in machine room less model.

Australia-New Zealand

In Australia and New Zealand, it was known as 300ANZ. It probably shares the same specifications as 300P.

Notable installations:

  • Novotel Rockford (Darling Harbour), Sydney, Australia
  • The Mantra, Parramatta, Sydney, Australia
Schindler Traction Elevators in the Novotel Rockford (Darling Harbour) Hotel in Sydney03:50

Schindler Traction Elevators in the Novotel Rockford (Darling Harbour) Hotel in Sydney

Schindler 300ANZ elevator with D-Line fixtures ar Novotel Rockford (Darling Harbour), Sydney, Australia (video: Jaymie Treadwell).

Notes and references

See also

  • Otis 2000 - a similar variation of elevator series produced by Otis.

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