SchindlerSmart MRL was one of Schindler's first machine room less elevators. It is divided into two series; 001 and 002, and were made from the late 1990s to the mid 2000s.


The SchindlerSmart MRL was a machine room less elevator model designed for low-rise residential and commercial buildings, and was mostly sold in Europe and Japan. It had two series. The first generation, 001, was launched in 1998 while the second generation, 002 was launched in the following year. There was also the Smart 002 DE (DE stands for Design Edition), as well as Smart J exclusively for Japan. These models had their driving machine is located on the top of the hoistway, and a control panel is built into the hoistway wall. They are mostly comes with two-speed telescopic doors. The Schindler Smart MRL was discontinued in the mid 2000s.

These elevators were using telephone-type car operating panels with button beeps and a small LED floor indicators. The buttons are either touch-sensitive or small push buttons, depends on the model. An automated voice was also available as optional feature.


  • Load up to 630 kilograms for MRL 001 and 1000 kilograms for MRL 002
  • AC 2-speed or ACVF drives for MRL 001
  • 1 m/s speed for MRL 001
  • Can have two entrance doors
  • Available in 9 car designs

Notable installations

United Kingdom

  • Portland Marina, Weymouth
  • Norwich Castle, Norwich (one was already modernized by Stannah Lifts)
  • Hicking Building, Nottingham
  • Hotel 53, York
  • Premier Inn, Custom House, London (now modernized by Titan Elevators)
  • Holiday Inn, Milton Keynes
  • Tiddenfoot Leisure Centre, Leighton Buzzard


  • Parternas gränd 73, Norra Fäladen, Lund
  • Storgatan 26, Sundsvall
  • Kungssätravägen 25A, Sätra


  • Vernissakatu 5A, Tikkurila, Vantaa
  • Kupittaankatu 57, Turku
  • Ruukinkatu 1B, Turku
  • Vanha Littoistentie 1, Turku
  • Paraistentie 10, Kaarina


  • Tønne Huitfeldts Plass 2, Halden
  • Amfi Vågen, Sandnes
  • Dronningensgate 22, Narvik


  • 140 Robespierre Street, Brest, France
  • H&M, Adolphe Thiers Street, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France


  • 55 Raymond St, Bankstown, Sydney
  • Westfield Liverpool, Liverpool, Sydney
  • Urunga House, Miranda, Sydney


  • Shimoshinjo public housing complex, Osaka (2002)
  • Abiko Hishi housing residential, Osaka (2004)
  • Yokoo Housing residential complex, Yokohama (2003)


  • Parco Normale Lotto 10-11, Via Ernesto Ricci 1, Naples (2001)
  • Hotel Palazzo Turchini, Via Medina 21, Naples (2004)

Other countries

  • Port of Málaga, Málaga, Spain
  • STEG Power plant, Tunis, Tunisia
  • Lille Friheden, Hvidovre, Denmark
  • Esprit Lambton Quay, Wellington, New Zealand
  • Hotel Berliner Bär, Göhren, Germany


  • The keypad-style car station design was later adapted by the Schindler 3300 elevators.


RARE 90s Schindler MRL

RARE 90s Schindler MRL

SchindlerSmart MRL 001 elevator in England (video: benobve).

Schindler SMART MRL-0

Schindler SMART MRL-0

SchindlerSmart MRL 002 elevator in New Zealand (video: WaygoodOtis).

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