This is a list of some notable Shanghai STEP elevator fixtures. These fixtures are mostly used in both major elevator companies and generic elevator companies in modern days. Even the elevators are installed by their own company.[1]

2000s to present

Car/lobby operating panel set

COP1070 and EH984

These are set of fixtures with white touch sensitive buttons (except the emergency buttons) on a black glass panel and black LCD floor indicators with white digital segments display. The inside floor indicator is a large LCD television-style display.



These are small white rounded buttons with illuminating halo and floor numbers/symbols, and are commonly found on some generic elevators or sometimes Otis elevators in Hong Kong[2].


These are similar to EB110 (see above) but the buttons are stainless steel. These buttons are commonly found on some generic (and sometimes Otis and Schindler) elevators in Hong Kong[3].


EB210 are small rounded stainless steel square buttons with illuminating halo and floor numbers/symbols. These buttons resembles from Schaefer MT 42 series buttons. The braille version is called EB218. These buttons are often used by Schindler, ThyssenKrupp, Jekco Elevators Ltd. and Chun Ming Engineering Co. Ltd. [4] etc. for modernization and on some older Hyundai elevators in the 2000's.


These buttons are similar to PB28 but have a black frame. These usually founded in the generic elevators in Indonesia.


These are round stainless steel buttons with illuminating halo and floor number/symbol. The braille version is called EB418A.


These are another round buttons but with a water droplet-like plate with a small dot lamp at the edge of the plate. There are also other styles of these buttons; EB431 which is a dome-shaped button, EB432 which is slightly concave, and EB438 which is a flat button with braille.


These are curved square buttons with illuminating halo and black frame.


These are rectangular metallic buttons with black frame and a stripe lamp on the top.


These are round black buttons with illuminating halo and tactile.


These are oval shaped buttons with various colors of illuminating halo, and look almost the same as the EB960 series (see below). The black version of these buttons (for EN81-70 standard) is called EB951. These buttons are commonly used by various generic elevator companies and often Kleemann. A chrome version of these buttons is called EB950A[5].


EB960 are round stainless steel pushbuttons with various colors of illuminating halo and tactile legends. These buttons are commonly found in fewer Fujitec, Hyundai, Schindler and other generic elevators in France, Hong Kong[1], Indonesia and Israel[6]. There is a black version of this button (for EN81-70 standard) called EB961.


These buttons resembles Otis's Series 3 buttons. Sometimes the button plate has illuminating number/symbol on it (which similar as Dewhurst US91 Optic).


KA117B are rounded square plastic buttons with illuminating halo and tactile. This usually founded in some modernized Otis elevator.


These buttons have similar symbols like EB960 but the symbols are not tactile. It has an orange illuminating halo and lamp. Also, the door open and close symbols are different than the ones used in EB960[7]. These buttons are mostly used in the latest batch of IFE elevators.


These buttons are similar to EB111 but they are larger.


These buttons are very similar to ThyssenKrupp STEP Module Classic buttons, therefore some elevator enthusiasts in Asia often mistaken these buttons as ThyssenKrupp STEP Module Classic when they are used on a ThyssenKrupp elevator with STEP Module Classic car station.


PB30 is a series of flush-mounted buttons with black frame and it has similar surface from EB960 but the symbols and numbers are not tactile. These only founded in the generic elevators in Hong Kong, China.


PB31 is a protruding round buttons with illuminating tactile illuminating halo and non-illuminating braille. It has a similar symbol as EB960 and few other buttons.


These are white rectangular buttons with illuminating halo and number/symbol. They are often used by Schindler in Asia[8] and New Zealand[9] as the E2 series on their E-Type fixture line.


These buttons are black square with plastic lens and black frame. The plastic lens has illuminating halo which would light up in orange. It bears a close resemblance to Hitachi B95 buttons.


These are fixtures very similar to PB31, but with a more flush design. They are most commonly found on SJEC elevators.

Unknown STEP buttons

These are some of STEP's buttons which their series is yet to be confirmed.

Unknown 1

These are rectangle buttons that resembles one of Sigma's buttons.[10]

Unknown 2

These are square buttons that resembles EB210, but they are slightly protruded. The alarm and phone symbol are different from EB210. [11]

Unknown 3

This is another STEP buttons that looks exactly the same as the buttons used in late models of LG/LG-OTIS and current Sigma elevators, but with different symbols on the emergency buttons[12].




DS-4 is a STEP's one of their original keyswitch that usually founded in LG, Mitsubishi and Sigma elevators.

Floor indicators

LED floor indicators

These are red LED dot-matrix floor indicators with scrolling arrows that looks similar to Fujitec's LED indicators. There are also LED floor indicators resembles Mitsubishi's LED indicators.

LCD floor indicators

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