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This is a fixtures guide of PTL.

1970s to 1980s

Vandal resistant

It was a request for a fixture design able to withstand the rigors of the NYC Housing Authority which marked the beginning of PTL's history. The buttons and plates were originally manufactured of aircraft grade aluminum to provide a high level of both durability and machinablility. The revolutionary aspect of their design was their "positive-stop" action. With this design the button head would bottom out in a pocket milled into the fixture plate. This design eliminated the possibility of hyperextending the button face into the switch contact points even with the most exaggerated force. This provided a level of vandal resistance not available to that point in elevator fixtures.

These fixtures proved very effective in the "real world" environment of the Housing Authority. Over the next decade aluminum was replace with 304L Stainless Steel and orders expanded beyond the Housing Authority into the larger NYC metropolitan market. The Centurion label was eventually adopted for this button and PTL began to carve a niche in the larger elevator fixture market.

1990s to present

Centurion Series

Centurion Series are vandal resistant fixtures completed with stainless steel plates. The buttons are either flush or projecting metal and both designs are either illuminated or non-illuminated.

Performer Series

Performer Series is the standard fixture line of PTL and has either stainless steel or brass (muntz) metal panels. The buttons of Performer Series are round illuminated buttons with black halo, and have two type; flush and projecting.

Metropolis Series

PTL's architectural fixture line is divided into two series; Metropolis Commons and Metropolis Global.

Metropolis Commons Series

Metropolis Commons have two flushed square buttons with illuminating halo (stainless steel and brass) and round projecting illuminating button with black square halo. The faceplates are rectangular with notched corners, similar to the Innovation Empire, EPCO Federal, and Monitor Controls Executive fixtures.

Metropolis Global Series

Metropolis Global looks almost the same as the Commons Series. It has two flushed round illuminating buttons (either stainless steel or brass) and round projecting illuminating buttons. The faceplates are rectangular with semi-circular top and bottom dome accents, similar to the Innovation Capitol, EPCO Nouveau, and Monitor Controls Imperial fixtures.

NEMA Enclosures

NEMA Enclosure are water and dust tight, and corrosion resistant fixtures. They have round cutler hammer buttons that are rated for NEMA 4/4X/12 with separate LED lamp.

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