Otis Elevoice was the first electronic elevator voice. It was an option with Otis Autotronic elevators. It is unknown if it was an option for other models of Otis elevators. The voice was pre-recorded, and is fully customizable. These voices were played from a speaker on the elevator ceiling, and were recorded on tape. These voices were to try to make it easier for people to adjust to automatic elevators, and advertised that their automatic elevators still had a "human touch". Westinghouse also made a similar system, which was very similar.


  • "Welcome to (establishment name)!. Please touch(/push/press?) a button for your floor and stand back." - Played when someone got on from the main floor. It is unknown if this voice played when the elevator stopped, or only if someone pressed the call button, and if it played on upper floors.
  • (floor number)(st/nd/rd/th) floor, going (direction)" - Played when the elevator passed a floor.
  • "Please let the doors close. You are delaying service." - Played when the doors are held open for a prolonged period of time.
  • "There will be a short delay in service. An engineer has been called." - Played when the elevator was stuck. It is unknown if the elevator detects getting stuck, or if the voice plays when the alarm is pressed.

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