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Otis 3200


Otis Elevator Company


Mid 1990s-present


Asia and possibly other countries


Geared traction elevators (but using 2:1 roping)

The Otis 3200 is the current geared-traction elevator model produced by Otis primarily for Asia and possibly other countries. It was launched in the mid-1990s and still produced although they are hardly any of their new installations found.


Otis 3200 is the luxury series of the Otis 3000[1]. It is primarily for low to mid-rise buildings. It uses a variable voltage variable frequency (VVVF) closed-loop vector control drives. It also features Pulse Width Modulation, which the voltage and frequency of the AC power supplied to the drive is adjusted in real-time, which decreases waiting time and reduce energy consumption.

This model was probably originally produced in Japan (by Nippon Otis) until around the late 1990s. Earliest installations have flashing directional arrows on the floor indicators and have chimes that sounds very identical to Mitsubishi elevators. They were also known as Spec 90, and probably a successor of Otis Spec 60, though it might be incorrect. The current model is manufactured in China. This time, the elevators don't have flashing directional arrows on the floor indicators.


  • 630-1350 kg capacities
  • 1 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 / 2.5 m/s speed
  • Can serve up to 36 floors
  • Can be in a group of 4 elevators
  • Can be equipped with Remote Elevator Monitoring (REM) system
  • Can have double entrances
  • Center or two speed telescopic side opening doors
  • Equipped with Otis 18ATF motor.

Notable installations

Main article: List of notable Otis 3200 elevator installations


Taiwan 2014 Banqiao Station Front Plaza - Tatung Otis (3200) Elevator01:25

Taiwan 2014 Banqiao Station Front Plaza - Tatung Otis (3200) Elevator

Otis 3200 traction elevators at Banqiao Station Front Plaza in Taiwan

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