Montgomery Kone Inc.



Preceded by

Montgomery Elevator Company

Succeeded by

KONE Corporation



Montgomery Kone was the merging brand between Montgomery Elevator Company and Kone in the United States. It was formed after Kone bought Montgomery in 1994. The brand was officially defunct in 2000 and it is now simply known as Kone.

Notable installations

  • Palisades Shopping Center, West Nyack, NY
  • Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, IL
  • Park Hyatt Hotel, Chicago, IL
  • Albuquerque International Sunport (AIS) Airport, Albuquerque, NM
  • Marriott's Beach Place Tower, Fort Lauderdale Beach, FL
  • Missouri State Capitol, Jefferson City, MO
  • Kansas City Convention Center Arena, Kansas City, MO
  • Denver International Airport, Denver, CO (1995)
  • State of Georgia Building, Atlanta, GA (1994-1996, modernizations)


  • Kone's AMD door operator was first invented under this brand (US Patent no.: 5797471[1]).
  • This company is sometimes nicknamed as MontyKone.

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Notes and references

  1. US 5797471: Linear door drive operator (Archived by Google Patent)
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