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Kone fail indicator

Mitsubishi Emergency Landing Device (MELD) is Mitsubishi's battery-powered emergency power source (from uninterruptible power supply). In an emergency, the elevator is operated using the power in the battery, in order to prevent passengers from being trapped inside the elevator upon power failure. MELD will not function if equipment's safety device or safety circuit, required by applicable codes or regulations, has been activated. MELD was developed in 1977[1].


  • Only when MELD Indication Lamp is provided inside car.
  • Landing zone is defined as an area 75mm above and 75mm below the hall sill, within which elevator doors will open or close. If a power failure occurs while a car is making a stop and the car is stopped within the landing zone, doors will open even if there is a gap, up to a maximum of 75mm between car and hall floor.
  • Doors can be opened with Door Open Button, which remains illuminated for two minutes after activation of the Mitsubishi Emergency Landing Device.

Differences between MELD and normal emergency power source

  1. The car does not return to the lobby (Return Floor in Mitsubishi's term). Instead it goes to the nearest floor, or if the car is stopped within the landing zone (Mitsubishi's term of an area 75mm above and below the hall sill), the doors will open immediately. In normal emergency power, the car returns to the Return Floor first.
  2. After a certain time, the doors close and the car goes out of service. In normal emergency power, only selected cars continue to operate once all cars have returned to Return Floor.



  1. Supply Records (archived)

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