For the fixtures found in Asia and Europe, Please refer to Mitsubishi Elevator Fixtures Guide (worldwide).

This is a guide to Mitsubishi Elevator fixtures found in the United States.


Black square buttons

This fixtures is similar to the Asian version, only that the buttons are flushed, had a white square on the center which illuminates and with ADA compliant braille plate. The floor indicators sometimes had a thick or thin digital segments. There were also analog indicators in a form of square illuminating acrylic lenses.

2000s to present

Current batch of American Mitsubishi fixtures

These are the current batch of fixtures used in American Mitsubishi fixtures.

Black round buttons

These buttons are round grey plastic with round white illumination lamp on the center and lights up in orange. The call buttons are round black plastic with small triangle lamp on the center.

Vandal resistant buttons

A lot similar to the black round buttons, but the buttons are metal with either an orange illumination stripe or halo on the buttons. The call buttons are round stainless steel with small triangle lamp on the center. The newer version of these buttons are flushed and had illuminating buttons.

Floor indicators and hall lanterns

Many modern Mitsubishi elevators in the United States have the standard LCD-based dot-matrix display floor indicators. The arrow on some older elevators is positioned next to the floor number, while on newer elevators the arrow is positioned above the floor number, and the floor number is enlarged. Some elevators may also have the 1970s-1980s hall floor counter which consists of square illuminating acrylic blocks[1]


Notes and references

  1. Mitsubishi Traction Elevator at 543 Beverly Hills Parking

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