Destination Oriented Allocation System (or Destination Oriented Prediction System, DOAS, DOAS-S, known in Japan as ELE-NAVI[1]) is Mitsubishi's destination dispatch system. It was launched in 2002 when the ΣAI-2200 elevator group control system was introduced. In 2010, the system was upgraded into ΣAI-2200C.


Mitsubishi DOAS-S allocates passenger to cars depending on destination floors. When a passenger enters a destination floor, the hall operating panel indicates which car will serve. Because the destination floor is already registered, the passenger does not need to press car button. Furthermore, dispersing passengers by destination prevents congestion in cars and minimizes time. With DOAS-S, the passenger have to enter the destination floor and then board the assigned elevator, and all other operations are completely automatic. The system has the advantages of reducing travel time and enhancing usability for passengers at halls and in cars.

System configurations

Like any destination dispatch elevators other than Schindler's systems, the DOAS has two hall arrangement configurations:

  • Hybrid - with this configuration, hall operating panels are installed only on the busiest floor (main floor), while other floors have the conventional call buttons. This is particulary beneficial to improve traffic flow leaving from the busiest floor. It is especially useful in buildings with heavy up-peak traffics. Handicap mode is not provided in this configuration (except the main floor which using keypad). This configuration has been discontinued in 2014.
  • Full - with this configuration, hall operating panels are installed on all floors. Elevator cars receive destination information from all floors to provide the best service for more complex traffic conditions throughout a day. Handicap mode is supported in this configuration.

Integrated with security gate

DOAS can also be integrated with security gates to enchance building security. In this system, the destination floor can be registered automatically after tapping an RFID card on the card reader at the security gate entrance. An RFID card for the elevator can be linked with the building security card to allow a movemeny in the building with a single card. The first DOAS elevators in the world integrated with this system were installed at ThePlaza Office Tower in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2009.

Notable installations

Main article: List of notable Mitsubishi DOAS elevator installations


  • As "" stated, this system works faster than Schindler Miconic 10 and Schindler PORT.[2]
  • In the world of elevator enthusiasm, the DOAS elevator system was first filmed by Vincent561967 in Glouchester Tower, The Landmark, Central, Hong Kong[3].
    • It is also the second type of destination dispatch system installed in Hong Kong[2] and Indonesia.
  • The first DOAS elevator in Southeast Asia was installed at UOB Tower, Jakarta, Indonesia in 2007.
  • The first DOAS elevators with Integrated DOAS - Security Gate system in the world was installed in ThePlaza Office Tower, Jakarta, Indonesia in 2009[4].
  • When the handicap/accessibility mode is available and activated, automated voices will be played to guide visually impaired people. However, they did not meet the Hong Kong's "Design Manual - Barrier Free Access 2008 (BFA 2008)" standard which was revised in September, 2015[5] for destination dispatch. Some of the known voices heard in Mitsubishi DOAS are:
    • The version for outside America:
      • Enter the destination floor desired - after the handicap button is pressed.
      • (Number) floor, the floor selected is not available - after entering the desired floor but outside the group serving.
      • (Number) floor, please take Elevator (X) - after entering the desired floor.
    • The version for America:
      • Choose floor (the range of the floors serving in this group), enter desired floor or presenting credential[6] - after the handicap button is pressed.
      • (Number) floor, the floor selected is not available - after entering the desired floor but outside the group serving.
      • (Number) floor, please take Elevator (X), (the word of the relevant Alphabet) - after entering the desired floor.


Destination operating panels

Hall lanterns, elevator identifier and floor destination indicators





Mitsubishi DOAS elevators in Glouchester Tower - The Landmark, Central, Hong Kong, China (video: Vincent561967)

Ocean Financial Centre-MITSUBISHI DOAS(Destination Dispatch)Elevator(1F-43F)02:22

Ocean Financial Centre-MITSUBISHI DOAS(Destination Dispatch)Elevator(1F-43F)

Mitsubishi DOAS Traction Elevators at UOB Plaza, Jakarta (Lift High C)02:07

Mitsubishi DOAS Traction Elevators at UOB Plaza, Jakarta (Lift High C)


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