Marryat & Scott Lifts Ltd.
MS logo escalator
A modified Thyssen logo installed on the Thyssen escalator installed by Marryat & Scott.




Joseph Richmond, Howard Marryat, Murray Scott

Preceded by

Richmond Lifts

Succeeded by

Kone Marryat Scott

Acquired by




Marryat & Scott was a British elevator/lift manufacturer.


Marryat & Scott was founded by Joseph Richmond in the 1860s. At that time, he established a small hydraulic elevator company called Richmond Lifts. In the 1900s, Howard Marryat took over Richmond Lifts and began making traction elevators. In the 1920s, Murray Scott joined the company and Richmond Lifts was renamed to Marryat & Scott. Kone then took over the company in 1979 and their products were branded as Kone Marryat Scott until in the early 1980s. Their operating businesses in Hong Kong and Singapore were taken over by Kone, and they are now known as simply Kone.

In 1979, a company named "ALS" (Associated Lift Services) was established by former staffs of Marryat & Scott who do not want to work for Kone when Marryat & Scott was taken over.[1]

Notable installations

Main article: List of notable Marryat & Scott elevator installations


  • Marryat & Scott also had another divisions located in Kenya, Uganda, and some parts of Africa since 50 years ago. They are now operated by Kone.
  • Marryat & Scott was also a distributor of Thyssen escalators in both United Kingdom and Hong Kong in 1970s-1980s.



  1. ALS Lift Company in Beno Lift Guide

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