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Macau, China


Macau Hualong Elevator Company Limited (or simply known as Hualong Elevator, Portuguese: Macau Hualong Fabrica de Elevadores Limitada, Chinese: 澳門華龍電梯廠) is a Macau-based elevator company. Not much is known about the company except that it was established in 2005. It is the first licensed elevator company and the only one in Macau registered with the Special Administrative Region government.

Notable installations in Macau

  • Hotel Lisboa
  • Casino Lisboa
  • Hotel Golden Dragon
  • Hotel Royal
  • Hotel Waldo
  • Holidy Inn Hotel Macau
  • AIA Tower
  • Hotel of Taipasquare
  • Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal Footbridge


Hualong Traction Elevator @AIA Tower in Macau02:27

Hualong Traction Elevator @AIA Tower in Macau

An elevator installed by Macau Hualong in AIA Tower, Macau (video: vief86mo).

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