These are the fixtures used in MP elevators.

2000s to present



These are rounded square metallic buttons with illuminating halo. Some have white background instead of metal. Some buttons may also have both tactile and braille (TB), engraved (TG) or injected (TI) legend.


These are round white buttons with lozenge shaped black plate. Roller buttons have two types; Saturn and Mars. Saturn buttons have an illuminating halo while Mars buttons have a large dot lamp on the center.

MT 42

These are push buttons made by Schaefer.

Floor indicators


This is a 54x40 mm digital segments display.


This is a 54x40 mm rectangle blue LCD display.


This is a 55x66 mm square blue LCD display.


This is a 132x76 mm blue LCD display.


This is a 114x64 mm blue LCD display.


This is a colored LCD display with a rotating triangular arrow.


On the car door jamb there is a hall lantern consists of half sized vertical cylindrical lens which lights up in green for up and red for down, or vice versa.

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