This is a list of known fixtures used in Xizi Otis elevators, as well as regular Otis and even Sigma-branded elevators in China and other countries in Asia.

2000s to present



These are round concave buttons with button plate beside them, similar to the newer Hong Kong version of Otis Series 3 buttons. BR27A only have tactile while BR27A(B) have both tactile and braille.


These are round concave buttons similar to those used in Otis Series 3 fixtures. BR27B(K) is a version that comes with a tactile number next to the buttons. The BR27B buttons (without tactile) are commonly used as landing call buttons.


These are surface mounted round buttons with braille and blue/red/white lamp. The non-braille version is called BR32A.


Main article: Otis Elevator Fixtures Guide (worldwide)#3200

These are similar to the buttons used in Otis 3200, but with slightly different font numbering and symbols on the buttons. They are normally used in Xizi Otis OH 5000 elevators[1].


These are square buttons with illuminating halo, braille and tactile.


These are square metal buttons with illuminating halo and lamp. BS34F(B) is the braille version.


These are white square buttons made of glass and have either blue or red lamp.


These are similar to BR32A/(B) except that they have tactile legend, braille and illuminating halo. BR36A is the version without a braille.

Unknown buttons used for modernization

These are round surfaced mounted buttons with blue halo, which are different from BR32A buttons. This fixture is often combined with a STN-LCD floor indicator display (see below).

Unknown square buttons

These are rounded glass square buttons with illuminating halo.

Black round buttons

These buttons are round black plastic with a yellow orange illuminating light.

Floor indicators

STN-LCD display

These are plain blue or black LCD displays with white segmented numbers and arrow.

User Interface LCD-TFT display (smaller)

These are 7" LCD-TFT displays with different types of background; UI 1, UI 2, UI 15, UI 16 and UI 18. UI 1 is similar to Otis Series 3. There is also a plain blue ones with a simple white triangular arrow.

User Interface LCD-TFT display (larger)

These are 10.4" LCD-TFT displays with different background types and multimedia. The series are UI 10, UI 11, UI 12 and UI 13.

Segmented floor indicators

These looks the same as the 3200 digital indicators but with orange arrows instead of green.

Electroluminescent displays (ELD)

These electroluminescent display indicators looks almost similar like Otis's Series 3 ELD floor indicators, but they have the Xizi Otis logo and rated capacity displayed.

Hall lanterns

These are similar to European Otis 2000 hall lanterns but the faceplate are flat. There are also very few elevators using newer Series 3 hall lanterns which are powered by LEDs.

i Touch

These are LCD touchscreen panels which can be used as hall call or car operating panel, or even both.

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