This is a list of elevator fixtures used by Stannah Lifts.


In the 1950s, Stannah use black buttons without illuminating lamp. These buttons are small and had concave surface. There were no floor indicators.


In the 1960s, Stannah used Dewhurst fixtures from the time. Floor indicators were now used.


In the 1970s, Stannah used horizontally rectangular plastic buttons, with a black ring around them, that light up when pressed, for the hall stations. They used vertically rectangular plastic buttons, with a blue ring around them, that do not light up, for the car stations.


In the 1980s, the buttons are square silver polished with tactile and black halo. Some later installations features an illuminating red halo. Floor indicators are digital segments.


Starting in the 1990s, Stannah use Dewhurst pushbuttons series US89, which are shaped like a barrel and have illuminating tactile. For floor indicators, Stannah continues to use the 1980s style. Also, in this era, automated voices and floor passing chime were introduced.

2000s to present

In the 2000s, many modern Stannah elevators uses several variants of Dewhurst buttons (usually the US91-EN series) with either red, light blue, or white lamp. The floor indicators have changed into LED dot-matrix with scrolling arrows. It is interesting that the inside floor indicator and brand plate resembles the European Otis 2000 displays. For elevators installed in railway stations, the buttons are the US85 Braille series.

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