This is a list of notable elevator installations of Fiam.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Island

  • Hong Kong General Post Office, Central (1976, escalators) [1]
  • Shing Po Building, Sai Ying Pun (1979) [2]
  • Tak Chuen Lau, Lai Tak Chuen, Tai Hang (1976) [3]
  • Dollar Mansion, Sai Wan Ho (1968)
  • 224-226 Des Voeux Road West, Sai Ying Pun (1966)


  • Mong Kok Market, Mong Kok (1977)
  • Wah Shun Industrial Building, Yau Tong
  • Kwong Ming Mansion, Prince Edward (1967)
  • Green View House, Prince Edward (1965)
  • Yan Lee Building, Hung Hom (1966)
  • Kwong Yiu Mansion, To Kwan Wan (1968)
  • Lead On Industrial Building, San Po Kong (1965)
  • Jing Wah Building, San Po Kong (1966)
  • International Industrial Building, Kwun Tong (1968)
  • Lanton Industrial Building, Kwun Tong (1966)
  • Lip Seng Mansion, Tsim Sha Tsui (1965)

New Territories

  • Po Fook Hill Anchestral Hill, Sha Tin (1990, hydraulic service elevator)
  • Sha Tin Town Hall, Sha Tin (1987, modernized by Otis in 2007)
  • Sha Tin Public Library, Sha Tin (1987, replaced by Otis in 2008)
  • Fu Yuen Industrial Building, Tsuen Wan (1971) [4]
  • On Ning Building, Yuen Long (1978) [5]
  • Kwai Hing Industrial Building, Kwai Chung (1971)[6]
  • Man Shing Building, Kwai Chung (1975) [7]
  • Kwai Lai Building, Kwai Chung (1973) [8]
  • Kwai Fat Building, Kwai Chung (1973) [9]

Project from Hong Kong Housing Authority

Please refer to Lift Modernisation Programme.

Hong Kong Island

  • Sai Wan Estate, Kennedy Town (1990) [10]
  • Man Hong House, Model Housing Estate, Quarry Bay [11]


  • Chuk Yuen South Estate, Wong Tai Sin(1984) [12]
  • Yee Kok Court, Cheung Sha Wan (1981) [13]
    • Yee Sau House
    • Yee Yan House
    • Yee Hong House
  • Lai On Estate, Cheung Sha Wan (1992)
  • Yee Ching Court, Cheung Sha Wan (1993)

New Territories

  • Sun Chui Estate, Tai Wai (1983) [14]
    • Sun Wai House
    • Sun Yuet House
    • Sun Fong House


  • Via Sebastiano Veniero 14, Naples
  • Via Ernesto Ricci 1, Scala D, Naples
  • Viale Augusto 122, Naples
  • Via D. Fontana 21, Naples


Existing installations

  • 565 MacPherson Road (modernized by VM Elevators)
  • Yi Xiu Factory Building (slightly upgraded by Excelift)

Former installations

  • Block 22 Holland Village HDB (building demolished under Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme/SERS)
  • Block 8A Taman Jurong Private Apartments (replaced into Sigma)
  • Pearl's Centre (1977-2015, under demolition)
  • Ocean Centre (1973, demolished)


More Fiam elevator installations in Switzerland can be found here.

  • Via Cantonale 8-8A, Lugano
  • Via Tesserete 44, Lugano
  • Palazzo Massonico (Via Pretorio 20), Lugano
  • Palazzo San Luca (Viale S. Franscini 40), Lugano
  • Piazza Riscossa 16, Lugano-Cassarate
  • Via Guisan 18, Paradiso
  • Via Bosia 4, Paradiso
  • Hotel Calipso, Paradiso
  • Piazza Nosetto 4A, Bellinzona
  • Centro Breggia, Balerna
  • Via dei Faggi 1, Pazzalo
  • Casa San Salvatore (Via S. Salvatore 3), Massagno

Other countries

  • Peterbos Park - Building 14 & 14B, Brussels, Belgium (modernized by Kone)
  • Avenue de la Liberte, Luxembourg
  • 37 Boulcott St (Car Park), Wellington, New Zealand
  • 10 High Street, Auckland, New Zealand
  • 1 Dickens Street, Napier, New Zealand

Notes and references

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Notable elevator installations

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