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This is a guide of fixtures produced by Lester Controls Limited, a company based in that produces and manufactures braille and tactile pushbuttons for any both major elevator companies and generic elevator companies in the UK.

2000s to present

Unknown model Pushbuttons

These buttons are round and protruding. However, the tactile part is aluminium.

PB4/5/6 Pushbuttons

These buttons are round and protruding. PB4 is a black button with braille as well as illuminating tactile and halo. PB5 is a button that has no braille and tactile. PB6 is a stainless steel button with both illuminating tactile halo, and has no braille.

Floor indicators

Most indicators used on Lester Controls are LED dot-matrix with a scrolling arrow.

Australia & New Zealand

The current range of Lester Controls fixtures can be adapted to suit the strict Design requirements of Australian Elevator buttons. These buttons may also used in New Zealand.

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