This is a list of some notable elevator fixtures used in LG elevators.

1995 to 2000s

Mid 1990s batch of LG fixtures (type 1)

Further Information: GoldStar Elevator Fixtures Guide (1990-1995 sections)

After changed name from GoldStar to LG, these fixtures were continued to be used in early LG elevators in the mid-1990s, which looked identically to GoldStar in the early 1990s. The buttons are small black round with amber illuminating halo. Floor indicators are digital segments with two triangular orange arrows. The inside display are normally slanted, but flat ones are often found.

Mid 1990s batch of LG fixtures (type 2)

Black square buttons

LG also continues GoldStar's black square buttons. The buttons are black square plastic with orange illuminating lamp on the center. These are normally found in service elevators.

Floor indicators

The floor indicator for this batch of fixtures is a long rectangular floor counter with digital segments. These indicators were reused from the 1980s-1990s GoldStar elevators and as of today they are still being produced by Sigma.

Mid 1990s batch of LG fixtures (type 3)

LG continues to produce these type of fixtures which were originally produced by GoldStar in the early 1990s.

Black rounded square buttons

These are rounded square buttons with black plate, white collar, and illuminating halo. Floor indicators are digital segments with orange triangular arrows. Another type of call buttons is a black round plastic with illuminating triangle on the center.

Touch sensitive buttons

These touch sensitive buttons looks the same like the black rounded square buttons, but the collar/frame is an illuminating halo. There was also a round touch buttons used on the car station. On some elevators, there may be a beep when the car station buttons are touched.

Floor indicators

Floor indicators are digital segments with triangular yellow arrows.

Hall lanterns

These are the hall lanterns used in some mid 1990s LG elevators. There were two types of lanterns; one type is a reused version of GoldStar which were made in round acrylic lenses with an arrow, and another type is plain round which lights up in orange.

Fixtures from Mitsubishi

Like GoldStar, some 1990s LG elevators in South Korea were using fixtures from Mitsubishi[2].

Late 1990s batch of LG fixtures

These are the fixtures used in the late models of LG elevator prior to merged with Otis. These fixtures consist of rounded rectangular metal buttons and digital segment floor indicator. The buttons have illuminating halo and a stripe lamp on the top. They emit a beep when pressed. The alarm button, unlike the floor buttons, is a large rectangular button. These fixtures were used until they merged with Otis in 1999 and throughout the LG-OTIS era (2000 to 2005). Today, these buttons are still being produced by Sigma.

In some countries, Dewhurst chassis also provided as well as landlords request.[3]

Generic fixtures

In the 1990s, the LG elevator in the Public Housing Estate blocks, Home Ownership Scheme blocks and the government buildings in Hong Kong were still using Dewhurst fixtures. All of them are US81 braille buttons and UL200 floor indicators (in Public Housing Estate blocks and Home Ownership Scheme blocks only).

2000 to 2005

2000s batch of LG fixtures

These are the fixtures used after they merged with Otis and re-branded their elevators into LG-OTIS[4]. They remained the same as the fixtures used in the late 1990s but with few added new buttons and floor indicator displays introduced at that time. These fixtures were also used on their elevators installed in the United States.

Generic fixtures

LG elevators often use generic fixtures like Dewhurst fixtures in Singapore and Hong Kong, normally using the US90-15 push buttons and vandal-resistant floor indicators (in Hong Kong only).

Due to vandalism or durability reason, some LG elevators already had their buttons replaced into generic buttons in the 21st century.

Notes and references

  1. That is later retrofit/same version by Sigma.
  2. 경기도 고양시 일산서구 탄현동 탄현 부영7단지 704동 LG산전엘리베이터 탑사기 (짝수)
  3. It means only indicators are in corresponding LG standard.
  4. Elevators with the brand name LG-OTIS displayed on the car station is normally found in South Korea. It is unknown if there are such elevators existed outside South Korea but their car stations are usually branded simply as LG. In addition, their traction motors are always branded as LG-OTIS Elevator Company.

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