This is a guide of Indolift elevator fixtures.

Late 1980s

Round glass buttons

Some elevators installed in the 1980s were using round glass buttons with black frame and lights up in white.

Floor indicators and hall lanterns

In the 1980s, Indolift used either a 7-segments digit or analog display for external floor indicators, along with triangular hall lanterns. For the car station, there is a single 7-segments digit display and two orange illuminating rounded directional arrows next to the indicator.


Round grey buttons

These fixtures had round grey buttons with an orange lamp on the center and were used until in the late 1990s. They were also used in very few Kone-branded Indolift elevators as well[1].

Black buttons

These are round black buttons with yellow orange illuinating halo.

Round metal buttons

These buttons are round metal polished and had an orange illuminating halo. They resembles one of the buttons used by Fujitec in the late 1990's. These buttons are usually found in late models of Kone-branded Indolift elevators.

Floor indicators

Indolift mostly use 7-segments digital display for the floor indicators. Most of the time they only use single digit, but some elevators use two digits to support more numbers, especially for basement floors. There are also very few elevators using 16-segments digit or even LED dot-matrix displays. On later models, most indicators have Kone M-Series style triangular arrows made of horizontal strips. There are also external digital floor counter with triangular hall lanterns which lights up in orange.

Hall lanterns

Most 1990s Indolift elevators are using round hall lanterns. There are two types of round hall lanterns; one is made of acrylic block which lights up in white and sometimes yellow orange, and another is just a black round display where red Kone M-Series style triangular arrows would light up. On the main floor, there will usually be hall lantern(s) above and a digital floor indicator below the lantern(s). There is also another type of hall lantern consists of triangle-shaped arrows positioned horizontally above the landing door. Sometimes a digital indicator can also be on the center.

Notes and references

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