This is a list of elevator fixtures that have been used in GoldStar elevators.


1970s batch of GoldStar fixtures

Note that some of these fixtures listed below are actually Hitachi's fixtures used on 1970s-1980s GoldStar elevators for some reason.

These fixtures consists of rectangular buttons with illuminating halo and analog floor counters.


1980s batch of GoldStar fixtures

Note that some of these fixtures listed below are actually Hitachi's fixtures used on 1970s-1980s GoldStar elevators for some reason.

Rectangular buttons (Hitachi)

These buttons were made by Hitachi and were used in 1970s-1980s GoldStar elevators. The call buttons had large square lens lights on orange and a small metallic square button on the center.

In some small buildings in Hong Kong, there were some handicapped control panels installed on the side of the cab. Some such panel have already using Dewhurst buttons (US81).

Touch sensitive buttons

Touch sensitive buttons in GoldStar elevators came out in the mid-1980s. These are rounded square buttons with metal plate and illuminating glass halo. These buttons were made by GoldStar.

Wedged square buttons (Hitachi)

These are another button fixtures made by Hitachi and used on some GoldStar elevators in the 1980s, although not as common as other fixtures mentioned above.

Floor indicators and hall lanterns

From the 1970s to mid-1980s, floor indicators were horizontal floor counter with illuminating square acrylic lenses. Sometime in the early 1980s, the inner floor indicator were changed into black floor counter display with illuminating numbers. These indicators are found above landing doors. Digital segments floor indicators were appeared in the mid-1980s. On some elevators there are hall lanterns positioned either on the left or in between the exterior digital floor indicator. These lanterns are either triangular or round lenses with arrows engraved on the center, and light up in green for up and red for down.

1990 to 1995

1990s batch of GoldStar fixtures (type 1)

These are black round buttons with a green, orange or red illuminating halo. It has a very distinctive look; the buttons were flushed on a black trim panel and the car station had a digital floor indicator slanted downward like Otis's Series 1. Some panels simply have a flat, non-slanted digital floor indicator. The intercom button is painted in yellow and had a black phone symbol, or just a alarm bell.

The ordering of the car station modules are from upper to lower by digital floor indicator with arrows, brand and capacity plate, intercom speaker, "No Smoking" signage, "Emergency Call" or alarm button module, "Overloaded" indicator module (required by country code), floor buttons modules, door control buttons module, "blank" module, and inspection cabinet door.

In some small buildings in Hong Kong, there is a handicapped control panel installed on the side of the cab. Some such panel have already using Dewhurst buttons (US81 series).

1990s batch of GoldStar fixtures (type 2)

This fixture consists of black square buttons and a horizontal car floor counter with a digital segment floor indicator. These floor indicators originally from the early 1980s when they had illuminating numbers. They were later continued by LG and as of today they are still being produced by Sigma.

1990s batch of GoldStar fixtures (type 3)

These are another batch of fixtures used in the 1990s, mostly on high rise elevators.

Black rounded square buttons

These are rounded square buttons with black plate, white collar, and illuminating halo. Floor indicators are digital segments with orange triangular arrows. Another type of call buttons is a black round plastic with illuminating triangle on the center. [1]

Touch sensitive buttons

These touch sensitive buttons looks the same like the black rounded square buttons, but the collar/frame is an illuminating halo. There was also a round touch buttons used on the car station. On some elevators, there may be a beep when the car station buttons are touched.

Fixtures from Mitsubishi

In South Korea, some 1990s GoldStar elevators were using fixtures from Mitsubishi.

LED text floor indicator

This type of floor indicator has large display which consists of three rows of green LED dot-matrix text bar on the bottom, a large red segments display as floor indicator on the center, and green digital segments of date/time and temperature on the top. These floor indicators are very rare and were possibly made in the late 1980s or early 1990s for custom elevators.

Hall lanterns

There are two types of hall lanterns used in the 1990s; one type is round acrylic lenses with triangular arrows on the center and would light up in green for up and red for down, and another type is round acrylic lenses with arrow engraved on the center and would light up in white.

Generic fixtures

In the 1990s, the GoldStar elevator in the Public Housing Estate blocks, Home Ownership Scheme blocks and the government buildings in Hong Kong were still using Dewhurst fixtures. All of them are US81 braille buttons and UL200 floor indicators (in Public Housing Estate blocks and Home Ownership Scheme blocks only).

Some GoldStar elevators already had their buttons replaced into generic in the 21st century due to durability reason[2].

Arrival bells and chimes

From the 1970s to 1990s, a single tone mechanical bell sound was used as arrival chime. Some elevators in the early 1990s are using electronic chimes instead of Hitachi-like mechanical bell[3]. Some modernized GoldStar elevators have the bell or chime replaced to Sigma's chimes[4].

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