These are the fixtures used on elevators installed by Line (now LINES), as well as used on their elevator divisions Delta Lift and most likely iLIFT. Almost of these fixtures are likely manufactured by a generic elevator component company which is yet to be confirmed.

2004 to 2010s


Round buttons

These buttons appeared to have been made by Line in the early 2000s and were likely used on their older elevators. These buttons are golden brown with an illuminating red halo. Floor indicators are mostly digital segments with yellow arrows. These buttons have been discontinued.

Square buttons

These are square buttons that are flushed and have illuminating halo and lamp. These buttons resembles Kone's KDS 300 flushed square buttons, and have been discontinued.

Square metal buttons

These buttons are square metallic and have a similarity, but not identical to STEP's EB115 buttons. These buttons might have been discontinued.

Round buttons

These are either flat or dome-shaped round brown and yellowish buttons with red halo and illuminating numbers and symbols. They are actually protruded from the panel. The number font resembles that of used in Schindler's D-Line buttons.

Rectangular buttons

These are rectangular brown to yellowish buttons with red halo and illuminating numbers and symbols. These buttons are actually protruded from the panel. These buttons are mostly used on their elevator division Delta Lift. It is unknown if these buttons are also used on Line/LINES elevators.

Floor indicators

The floor indicators used on their current elevators are large square LED dot-matrix with scrolling arrows. They are also used on one of their elevator division Delta Lift. These indicators appears to be made by a generic elevator component company. There is also a digital segments display with a flashing arrow.

2010s to present

These are the fixtures used on some newer LINES elevators.


Type 1

These buttons are square with illuminating halo and braille.

Type 2

These buttons resembles one of Sigma's and LG's buttons but they don't have braille.

Type 3

These buttons are round with illuminating halo and braille


  • Most newer elevators have the door open buttons lights up in blue and door close buttons lights up in yellow or orange.
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