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LG Elevators


1995 (elevator division)

Preceded by

GoldStar (1958-1994)

Succeeded by

LG-OTIS Elevator Company (2000-2003), OTIS-LG Elevator Company (2003-2006), Otis Elevator Korea (2006-present)



LG Elevators (later LG-OTIS Elevator Company then OTIS-LG Elevator Company) was a division of LG Electronics. It was formerly known as GoldStar, which was established in 1968 and changed name to LG in 1994. The name LG is an abbreviation of "Lucky Goldstar".


LG changed it's name from GoldStar in 1994 after GoldStar merged with Lucky Chemical. In 1999, LG had a joint venture with Otis Elevator Company to form Sigma Elevator Company. Otis also acquires LG Elevators then it was known as LG-OTIS Elevator Company[1] from 2000 until 2003, when it was renamed to OTIS-LG Elevator Company.[1] Later in 2006, OTIS-LG was again renamed to Otis Elevator Korea. Their elevator division was defunct in 2006.

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  • Most elevators installed after 1999 do not have the LG "face" logo on the capacity badge.
  • In South Korea, most elevators installed in the early 2000s were branded as LG-OTIS, but branded as LG outside South Korea (the traction machine, however, contain the LG-OTIS name).


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Notes and referencesEdit

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