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The Kone TravelMaster 110 is an escalator and the current escalator product made by Kone.


Kone TravelMaster 110 is a commercial escalator primarily for retails, but also used for other buildings such as airports, hospitals, hotels, and offices. It has several eco-eficiency features such as lubrication-free step chain, various LED lightnings which can saves energy up to 80%, standby speed operation, and many more. It also can be connected with KONE Remote Monitoring and E-link (optional).

The inclined moving walk version is called TravelMaster 115.


  • 30 degrees inclination
  • 2/2 or 3/3 horizontal steps
  • 1.0/1.0 and 1.5/1.0 transition radii (top/bottom)
  • 31'-2" (9.5 meters) maximum rise
  • 24" (600 mm), 32" (800 mm), and 40" (1000 mm) step width
  • Speed: 78 f/m (0.4 m/s) with inverter or 100 f/m (0.5 m/s) without inverter

There are three different types of balustrade:

  • Tempered glass with slim handrail: 3/8" (10 mm) or 1/2" (12 mm)
  • Stainless steel sandwich panel
  • Balustrade extension: 1'-3" (400 mm) or 2'-39/16" (700 mm)

Notable installations


  • Abbalove Industri, Jakarta
  • Menara Sentraya, Jakarta (2013)
  • MNC Finance Center, Jakarta (2013)
  • Cipulir Station - Transjakarta Busway Corridor 13, Jakarta (2017)
  • Summarecon Mall Bekasi, Bekasi (2012)
  • IKEA Alam Sutera, Serpong, Tangerang, Banten (2013)
  • Park23 Entertainment Center, Bali (2014)
  • H&M, Beachwalk Shopping Center, Bali (2016)
  • The Gate 88 Kerobokan, Bali (2014)
  • Mövenpick Resort Jimbaran, Bali (2016)


  • King Power Complex, Bangkok
  • Riverside Plaza, Bangkok (2015)
  • Interchange 21, Bangkok
  • Bobae Tower Extension, Bangkok
  • Some BTS Light Green and Dark Green Line, Bangkok

Other countries

  • Kone Test Center, Tytyri, Finland
  • The Shard, London, United Kingdom
  • Stratford Station, London, United Kingdom
  • 313@Somerset, Singapore (2009)
  • Concorde Shopping Arcade, Singapore (additional)
  • Myer, Westfield Liverpool, Sydney, Australia
  • Macquarie Centre, Sydney, Australia
  • IKEA Tempe, Sydney, Australia

United States

  • The Renaissance Hotel, Schaumburg, IL
  • Round 1, Eastridge Mall, San Jose, CA



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