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Kone Polaris (now known as Kone Destination in some countries[1]) is an elevator destination dispatch system of Kone.


The Kone Polaris (then called Kone Destination) destination control system can dramatically improve vertical transportation in residential buildings, office buildings, hotel and business complexes. The system currently works on the Kone MiniSpace and also Kone MonoSpace elevators as an optional feature. Polaris have the benefits of increasing efficiency, reducing journey time for passenger, and increasing security for building occupants. It is also has artificial intelligence to learn and forecast the traffic flows of the building. When the traffic intensity alters, the control system measures the changed traffic patterns and switches its optimization routines accordingly.

Kone Destination is available in two configurations; Hybrid and Traditional.

  • Hybrid: Destination panels are only found on the main floor, while other floors have conventional landing call buttons. In addition, the elevator cars have conventional floor buttons inside. This is particularly benefical for buildings with heavy up-peak and for improving traffic flow from leaving the busiest floors.
  • Traditional: In this configuration, all floors have destination panels and there are no visible floor buttons inside the elevator car.  This configuration is designed to provide the best service for all traffic conditions in the building; from up-peak, lunchtime to down-peak as well as quieter hours. It is also suitable for buildings with complex lobby arrangements and high traffic peaks.


The current fixtures/signalization systems used on elevators with Kone Destination are the KSS 570, KSS 800, and KSS 900. In Europe and Asia Pacific, the KSS 800 and 900 are used, while in North America the KSS 570 and 900 are used[2]. There is also the Kone Touchscreen panel (known as KSP 858 and KSP 978P).

In Asia Pacific, the KDS 300 and KDS Design fixtures are used as part of the KSS 800 line[3].

Notable installations

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POLARIS Destination Control System

POLARIS Destination Control System

Kone Polaris video (by KONE PLC)

KONE Polaris traction elevators @ Kungsbron 2 in Stockholm, Sweden

KONE Polaris traction elevators @ Kungsbron 2 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Boston, MA MEAN New 2015 KONE Polaris Elevators @ The Aloft Boston Seaport

Boston, MA MEAN New 2015 KONE Polaris Elevators @ The Aloft Boston Seaport

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