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Kone MonoSpace
Kone elevators GrandKuta
Kone MonoSpace 3000 elevators in Bali, Indonesia.

Also known as

Toshiba Order-Spacel


Kone, GiantKONE and MacGregor-Kone




Machine room less elevator

KONE EcoDisc

A typical EcoDisc motor installed in the shaft (Hong Kong version usually have a safety protection guard to prevent the workers get injured). The right hand side of the picture is a Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) drive.

Kone EcoDisc top landing

At the top landing usually have a control panel to contain all the circuit board in one cabinet, EcoDisc control panel usually placed on the nearest of the motor[1].

Kone MonoSpace is the machine room less elevator product line of Kone, GiantKONE and MacGregor-Kone[2]. The version of MonoSpace for low-rise installations in the United States is called Kone EcoSpace and it is a replacement for hydraulic elevators since Kone discontinued making hydraulic elevators in 2007, although the EcoSpace was introduced before Kone hydraulic elevators were discontinued; the MonoSpace is retained for mid-rise buildings.


The Kone MonoSpace elevator technology was introduced in 1996[3] as the world's first machine room less elevator. Since it's introductions, it has becoming more popular at the beginning of the 21st century. They are mainly found in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and other European and Asian countries[4].

In 1998, when Kone entered the Japanese market by creating a strategic alliance with Toshiba Elevators and Building Systems Corporation, Toshiba began marketing Spacel (also known as Order-Spacel); a machine room less elevator system based on the Kone EcoDisc technology and only sold in Japan[5]. In 1999, a total of more than 2,500 Spacel elevators were sold[6].

The current MonoSpace series produced in Europe are MonoSpace 500 and MonoSpace 700. The MonoSpace 500[7] and 700[8] are also sold in the United States and Canada. These models were most likely introduced in 2012, but the Kone MonoSpace 500 was introduced to the U.S. and Canada in 2016[9]. In Asia Pacific, Africa and Middle East, the current MonoSpace series produced are MonoSpace 3000 and MonoSpace 3000S. Nowadays the MonoSpace 3000 is divided into three types; E MonoSpace (this type is not sold in Africa and Middle East), N MonoSpace and S MonoSpace. There is also a version of MonoSpace for existing buildings for the North American market called MonoSpace 500 EB[10].


EcoDisc motor

Main article: Kone EcoDisc

Regenerative Drive

The MonoSpace elevator features a Regenerative Drive, which is able to convert excess energy generated by an elevator into electricity that can be reused by any other component found in the building. While normal elevator systems only produce excess heat that has to be removed from the building (using up even more energy), the Regenerative Drive instead not only reduces electricity consumption, but also makes the excess usable. Very little, if at all, excess energy is wasted. There are many versions of this technology made by other big elevator companies, but Kone has taken the spotlight due to its efficiency and popularity.


  • Saves building space, as the EcoDisc motor and all equipment are above shaft pit.
  • Uses no oil, therefore reduce the risk of oil spills and fire.
  • Saves building electricity up to 30-40% (compared to hydraulic elevators).
  • No vibration, therefore creates a smooth ride (if the landlord takes very well maintenance).


  • Loud high frequency sounding when the elevator is running (because the Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) drive).[11]
  • Loud motor brake sounding when the motor start and stop[12] (because the motor brake active and release)
  • Life expectancy is shorter (especially in the United States) compared to old elevators.
  • Equipment can be harder to maintain.



  • Machine room less gearless traction
  • Equipped with Kone EcoDisc hoisting machine
  • Capacity:
    • MonoSpace 500: Up to 1150 kilograms or 15 persons
    • MonoSpace 700: Up to 2500 kilograms or 33 persons
  • 1.75 (for MonoSpace 500) and 3 (for MonoSpace 700) meters per second speed
  • Maximum travel height of 70 (for MonoSpace 500) and 90 (for MonoSpace 700) meters
  • Serves up to 15 (for MonoSpace 500) and more than 15 (for MonoSpace 700) floors
  • Up to 4 (for MonoSpace 500) and 6 (for MonoSpace 700) elevators in one group
  • Various KSS fixtures
  • Can have two entrances
  • Center or two speed telescopic opening doors, usually powered by AMD door operator (supplied by Wittur Group but branded as Kone).
  • Can be combined with Kone Polaris as an option

Asia Pacific

  • Machine room less gearless traction
  • Equipped with Kone EcoDisc hoisting machine
  • Capacity:
    • MonoSpace 3000 (older): 450/630/800/900/1000 kilograms or 6/8/10/12/13 persons
    • MonoSpace 3000S (older): 630/800/1000/1150/1350/1600/1800/2000 kilograms or 8/10/13/15/18/20/21/24/26 persons
    • E MonoSpace: 630/800/1000 kilograms or 8/10/13 persons
    • N MonoSpace: 320/400/450/630/800/900/1000/1150 kilograms or 4/5/6/8/10/12/13/15 persons
    • S MonoSpace: Up to 2000 kilograms or 26 persons
  • Speed:
    • MonoSpace 3000 and 3000S (older): 1/1.6 meters per second
    • E MonoSpace: 1/1.6/1.75 meters per second
    • N MonoSpace: 1.75/2/2.5 meters per second
    • S MonoSpace: Up to 3 meters per second
  • Maximum travel height:
    • MonoSpace 3000 (older): 40 meters
    • MonoSpace 3000S (older): 70 meters
    • E MonoSpace: 55 meters
    • N and S MonoSpace: 90 meters
  • Serves up to 18 (for E MonoSpace) and 36 (for N and S MonoSpace) floors
  • Up to 3 (for older MonoSpace 3000), 4 (for older MonoSpace 3000S) and 6 (for later MonoSpace) elevators in one group
  • KDS 50, KDS 300, KDS 330, KDS Design and KSS 280 fixtures
  • Can have two entrances
  • Center or two speed telescopic opening doors, usually powered by AMD door operator (supplied by Wittur Group but branded as Kone).
  • Can be combined with Kone Polaris as an option

United States

  • Machine room less gearless traction
  • Equipped with EcoDisc hoisting machine
  • 2000-5000 lbs. capacities
  • 200-500 FPM (or 1-2.45 m/s) speeds
  • 300 ft. (or 91.4 m) travel height
  • Serves up to 27 floors
  • Series 220 and Delta (Innovation), KSS 370, 500, 600 and possibly Design (discontinued), KSS 140 and 570 fixtures, Innovation fixtures on custom order
  • Can have two entrances
  • Single, center or two speed telescopic opening doors, usually powered by AMD door operator (supplied by Wittur Group but branded as Kone).
  • Can be combined with Kone Polaris as an option

Notable installations



  • KEM Tower
  • City Plaza - Wisma Mulia I
  • The 1O1 Sedayu Dharmawangsa Hotel (2014)
  • The Hermitage Menteng
  • ARTOTEL Jakarta Thamrin (2013)
  • Hotel Santika Premiere Hayam Wuruk
  • Pronto Moda Pasar Baru (2012)


  • Chiampelas Walk Extension (2012)
  • Sensa Hotel Bandung (2012)
  • Mercure Hotel Setiabudhi


  • National Hospital Surabaya
  • Swiss-Belhotel Manyar
  • Yello Hotel Jemursari (2014)
  • Spazzio Surabaya


  • The Ritz-Carlton Bali (2014-2015)
  • Novotel Nusa Dua Resort (2007)
  • Inaya Putri Bali (2013)
  • Swiss-Belhotel Bay View Nusa Dua
  • The Mantra Sakala Resort (2013)
  • Double Six Luxury Hotel (2013)
  • Park23 Entertainment Center (2014)
  • Mercure Bali Legian (2014)
  • Ngurah Rai Airport - Domestic Terminal (2013)
  • Alta Moda & Serba Antik Furniture (2002)

Other cities

  • Hotel Santika Premiere Bintaro, Tangerang, Banten
  • Summarecon Mall Bekasi, Bekasi (2012)
  • Grand Clarion Hotel, Makassar


  • Afimall City Shopping Center, Moscow (2008-2009)
  • Salar'evo Metro Station, Salar'evo (2016, Street elevators only)
  • Bol'shevik Business Center, Moscow[13]
  • Courtyard Marriott Nizhny Novgorod City Center, Nizhny Novgorod (2014, guest elevators)
  • Moscow Kursy Railway Station, Moscow
  • Elokhovsky Shopping Center, Moscow
  • Snezhnaya 26 Shopping Center, Moscow
  • Moscow Domodedovo International Airport, Moscow
  • Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow
  • Moskvoreche Shopping Center, Moscow
  • Kuntsevo Plaza Shopping Center, Moscow (2013)


  • 313@Somerset (2009)
  • Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway
  • Orchard Gateway
  • Reflections at Keppel Bay
  • Devan Nair Institute
  • Marina Bay Sands (2009)
  • The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (2009)
  • Jurong West Community Club (2006)
  • IKEA Tampines (2007)
  • One Degree 15 Club/Hotel, Sentosa Island



  • Four Points by Sheraton Bangkok, Bangkok
  • Centerpoint of Siam Square, Bangkok
  • Ramathibodi Hospital, Bangkok (Research building)
  • Le Meridien Bangkok, Bangkok
  • Plaza Athenee, Bangkok (Carpark elevators)
  • CentralWorld, Bangkok (Central Court)
  • The Crystal Shopping Mall, Bangkok
  • Tha Maharaj, Bangkok
  • The 19th@Chidlom, Bangkok
  • King Power Complex, Bangkok
  • Victory Mall, Bangkok
  • The Opus Thonglor, Bangkok
  • T103Offices@Thonglor, Bangkok
  • India Emporium, Bangkok
  • BTS Light Green Line Extension, Bangkok

Other cities

  • Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani, Nonthaburi
  • Laemtong Bangsaen, Chonburi
  • Harbor Mall Laemchabang, Chonburi

United Kingdom

  • Heathrow Airport Terminal 3, London
  • Westfield London, White City, London (2008)
  • One New Change, London (2010)
  • Grand Arcade, Cambridge

Other countries

  • Setia Sky Residences, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Southgate @ Sg. Besi, Malaysia
  • Hatten City Melaka, Malaysia
  • Eton Tower Makati, Philippines
  • Alphaland Makati Place, Philippines
  • Le Meridien Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Toei Subway Oedo Line (Line 12), Tokyo, Japan (1998-2000)[14]
  • Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing, China (2008)
  • Galleri Oslo, Oslo, Norway (2013-2015, replaced Ameco Hamar elevators)
  • Macquarie Centre, Sydney, Australia


  • The Kone Polaris (now known as Kone Destination) destination dispatch elevator systam can also be in part of the MonoSpace elevators.
  • Kone and Toshiba had a contract for the installation of new EcoDisc motors to Toshiba elevator for new installations on the East West and North South Line MRT stations in Singapore.
  • Kone and Toshiba also had a partnership in 1998 to supply Kone MonoSpace elevators for the Toei Subway Oedo Line (Line 12) in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Most elevator enthusiasts mistakenly refers the name EcoDisc as the elevator model (instead of MonoSpace or EcoSpace), while in fact EcoDisc is actually the name of the hoisting machine.
  • When Kone MonoSpace was introduced in the Netherlands in the late 1990s, it was initially called "Kone Greenstar".
  • In June 2005, Kone installed their 100.000th MonoSpace elevator at the National Grand Theater in Beijing, China. In April 2008, the 200.000th Kone MonoSpace was installed.




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  2. Before this company was taken over by Kone on 2005.
  3. KONE Corporation Annual Report 1996
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  14. 55 Kone MonoSpace elevators were ordered in 1998 as part of a strategic alliance between Kone and Toshiba.

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