Kone ECO3000 was an escalator and moving walk model produced by Kone and sold worldwide. It was launched in 2000 and jointly developed by both Kone and Toshiba as part of their alliances[1]. It is a successor of the O&K KONE TransVario escalator model. The manufacturing facilities for Kone ECO3000 were located in Hattingen, Germany; Moline, Ilnoiss, United States; and Kunshan, China as well as in the Toshiba factory in Himeji, Japan. A heavy-duty version for mass transit as well as a moving walk version of it was introduced in 2002[2]. This model has been discontinued and most likely succeeded by the Kone TravelMaster series.


The Kone ECO3000 escalator is a global standard escalator for commercial buildings and transportation hubs. It is available in four specific models: E3C, E3H, E3X and E3M. Each one of these models are designed based on traffic requirements in different buildings. The E3C is for commercial, retail and leisure buildings. The E3H is for heavy duty commercial buildings such as railway stations and smaller airports. Both the E3X and E3M are for mass transit facilities such as railway/metro stations and major airports which are typically very busy.

Kone marketed the ECO3000 as "the green escalator" due to its energy efficiency and environmental friendly. It can reduce energy consumption up to 30% by adjusting the voltage based on workload and up to 55% on standby operation. It also features lubrication-free chains which lowers the level of dust and dirt accumulating on and around the chains, therefore providing a cleaner escalator as well as reducing fire hazard. This escalator is also made from 90% recyclable materials.


  • Kone TransVario direct drive[3]
  • Balustrade height of 1000 and (optionally) 1100 mm
  • Height up to 40 meters

Notable installations

  • Westfield London, London, United Kingdom (2008)
  • BHS - intu Uxbridge, Uxbridge, United Kingdom
  • Heathrow Airport Terminal 1, London, United Kingdom
  • Lion Shopping Centre, Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • Green Acres Mall, Valley Stream, NY, United States
  • Paragon Mall Extension, Singapore (2002)
  • Mustafa Centre, Singapore (additional)
  • IKEA Tampines, Singapore (2006)

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