These are the fixtures used in Johns & Waygood elevators.


​Clear buttons

In the 1960s, the buttons were either square or round glass buttons. The square buttons were shaped like Schindler R-Series buttons. The door control and alarm buttons are small black buttons. Door control buttons were simply labelled as O and C for open and close respectively. Floor indicators are simple floor counters with illuminating numbers and triangular arrows.

Black buttons

Some Johns & Waygood elevators in the 1960s used black buttons that do not light up, rather like Otis' older black buttons.

1970s to late 1980s

After changing name to Johns Perry Lifts in 1974, the fixtures had a small changes. The round glass buttons were no longer available. Square buttons remain unchanged, only the black door control and alarm buttons have been replaced into square ones. Floor indicators have been changed into floor counter bars with orange-illuminated numbers. On late models, especially Mipro-Log elevators, the car floor indicators comes in LED dot-matrix display and some elevators have a marque/moving text above the floor number and arrow.

Boral continues to use these fixtures after acquiring Johns Perry Lifts throughout the late 1980s.

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