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Isralift Idustries 1972 Ltd.


1961 (Tel Aviv, Israel)


Yaacov Ilan, Solomon Ilan and Michael Ilan


Isralift is a subsidiary of Kone and one of the largest elevator companies in Israel. It was founded in 1961.


Isralift was established on 1961 by Yaacov Ilan and his two sons, Solomon and Michael Ilan. They started manufacturing elevators in a small workshop at 84 Ben Yehuda Street in Tel Aviv. In that workshop, they made their elevators by themselves, including the controllers and door interlocks. Although Isralift made elevators by themselves, they were a distributor of three elevator companies; in the 1970's they were a distributor of Falconi, in the late 1980's and the early 1990's they were a distributor of Thyssen and from the 1990's to January 2013 they were a distributor of Kone.

Somewhere in the 1990's, they moved their factory and headquarters to Kadima Zoran. In 2009, Isralift and Kone made an agreement that Isralift will be the only distributor of Kone elevators in Israel and Isralift will stop manufacturing elevators. Since 2009, Isralift stopped manufacturing elevators because of their agreement with Kone, and only make their elevator fixtures for modernization. On January 1, 2013, Isralift was acquired by Kone from Michael Ilan[1]. Kone decided to keep the name Isralift because of Isralift's reputation in Israel.

Notable installations


  • Isrotel Royal Garden Hotel, Eilat
  • Vista Hotel, Eilat
  • Herods Palace Hotel, Eilat
  • Leonardo Club Hotel, Eilat

Ramat Gan

  • Bialik Mall, Ramat Gan
  • Marom Mall, Ramat Gan
  • Geneva Building, Ramat Gan
  • Ben Dov Building, Ramat Gan

Tel Aviv

  • Tel Aviv Cinematheque, Tel Aviv
  • Weizmann Center and Weizmann City Mall, Tel Aviv
  • Tel Aviv HaShalom Train Station, Tel Aviv
  • Maxim Hotel, Tel Aviv
  • Shalom Meir Tower, Tel Aviv(A mod of 2 old Otis elevators)

Other cities

  • Design Center, Bnei Brak
  • Ben Gurion Center, Rishon LeZion
  • Golden Mall, Rishon LeZion
  • Arim Mall, Kfar Saba
  • Grand Kenyon Mall, Haifa
  • Kastra Center Mall, Haifa
  • Mediatheque, Holon
  • Yitzchak Building, Holon
  • Modi'in Mall, Modi'in(Only 4 elevators. The rest of the elevators are Kone).
  • Bilu Center, Rehovot
  • Leonardo Suites, Bat-Yam

Outside Israel

  • Park Plaza Hotel, Leeds, England
  • Park Plaza Hotel, City of London, England (AngloLift)

Notes and references

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