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This is a guide of Innovation elevator fixtures.

Universal Series

The Universal fixtures can be circle or square. They illuminated in yellow, amber, white, light blue, dark blue, and cyan. Universal fixtures have bar type buttons (either PB10 or PB56 series, depends on the measurements). The Universal series was introduced in the mid-1980's, probably around 1984.

Decorator Series

Innovation Decorator is just like the square Innovation Universal but has a square wrap around braille. It is unknown when Decorator was first made, but it did exist in 1997.

Security Series

These fixtures are vandal-resistant type and has a red lamp on the center of the buttons. They come in either square or circle. These fixtures were introduced in the 1980's, and were used on newer Montgomery elevators in the 1990's.

Bruiser Series

Bruiser buttons has a red lamp on the center of the buttons. They comes in white or black versions. Bruiser comes in circle and in square. These are more commonly used in modernization projects. These fixtures were first made in 2000.

NEMA 4X Series

These look similar to Innovation Bruiser fixtures, but the slanted part of the button is a metal ring around the button, not part of the button. These fixtures were first made in 2012, and were most likely made to compete with CJ Anderson's VX buttons.

Premier Series

These fixtures are the same size as Innovation Universal, but only light-up in an outside halo. They comes in either square or circle. These buttons come with all of Innovation's braille plates. Innovation Premier looks very similar to Innovation Prestige. These fixtures were first made in 1998-2000.

Prestige Series

These are metal buttons with a halo that lights up. Prestige looks very similar to Innovation Premier. These fixtures were first made no later than 2002.
Innovation Prestige

Innovation Prestige lit up white. Credit to YouTube user ElevatorMan227

Pinnacle Series

These are white illuminating buttons with a metal halo. These fixtures were first made in 2012, although there are some MontgomeryKONE elevators from the late-1990's that use Innovation buttons that look very similar to the Pinnacle. Also, Innovation Pinnacle should not be confused with Monitor Controls Pinnacle, which are hexagonal, layered art-deco fixtures.

Park Avenue Series

These are home elevator fixtures. They can use different Innovation fixtures. These fixtures were first made in 2004-2006. In 2012, Innovation dropped the Park avenue name. Now, these fixtures have no name.

I-Line Series

I-Line is Innovation's surface mount series. It can use any Innovation button. It is unknown when I-Line was first made, but was most likely created in 1990 due to the newly established Americans with Disabilities Act.


Innovation makes different lanterns.


Innovation makes different indicators.

Dial indicators

Innovation makes old style dial indicators. They also offer the service of putting Innovation parts in old dial indicators. It is unknown when Innovation dial indicators were made.

Key switches

Innovation mostly uses barrel key switches.

List of elevator fixtures guide

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