A incline elevator is a traction elevator that travels on angle. Alot of people call them "Inclinators" when that term is not correct, Inclinator is the name of a elevator company.

Notable incline elevators installations

Hong Kong

  • Po Fook Hill Columbarium, Sha Tin, (1990[1]/2009[2])
  • Tai O Heritage Hotel, (2012)[3]


  • The Valley Resort, Bandung[4]
  • The Rock Bar - Ayana Resort Jimbaran, Bali (2010)[5]
  • Bvlgari Resort, Bali, Indonesia[5]
  • Nammos Beach Club - Karma Kandara Resort, Bali[5]
  • Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali (2008)[5]

United States

  • Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas, NV[6]
  • Huntington (WMATA station), Huntington, VA
  • Cityplace/Uptown (DART station)(west and east elevators), Dallas, TX
  • San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA
  • Grand Coulee Dam, Washington
  • Shadowbrook Restaurant Capitola, CA


  • Several Paris metro stations
  • Public Poma/Otis in Méribel-Mottarets ski resort
  • Montmartre Funiculars (now changed into inclined elevators), Paris
  • Old city of Langres

Other countries

  • Bilbao Metro, Bilbao, Spain[7]
  • Peace Tower at the International Peace Garden, Morton, Manitoba,Canada
  • Doi Suthep, Chiangmai, Thailand
  • Tang Guan Hill, Songkhla, Thailand

Notes and references

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  2. Installed by Maspero.
  3. Installed by Sematic (Machinery were installed by Hütter-Aufzüge). Currently maintained by Techfaith Engineering.
  4. Installed by Pillar.
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  6. Installed by Otis.
  7. Installed by ThyssenKrupp.

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