This is a guide on how to identify an unknown elevator or an elevator that has no brand/manufacturer's name. This guide has different tips in it, some not well known.

Specifications about elevators

Elevator chimes

Sometimes elevator chimes can be useful to identify an unknown elevator, except chimes provided by generic elevator companies.

Elevator door keyhole

Main article: Door keyhole

Every external elevator doors by elevator companies may have different shape, operating method, locations, or standard keyhole. This can help to identify which company made by.

Elevator door sill guide

Main article: Elevator door sill guide

An unidentified elevator can sometimes be identified by looking at the door sill (except the elevators were using generic elevator door component such as GAL and Wittur Group. Please refer to: Generic elevator component door sill guide).

Elevator fixtures

Elevator fixtures can be used to identify an unknown elevator. See elevator fixtures guide for more information. If the elevator is using fixtures provided by a generic elevator components company, it can be harder to identify.

Elevator features


Elevator companies' website

Main article: List of elevator and escalator companies

Searching websites of elevator companies can sometimes find an unidentified elevator.

Elevator videos on YouTube

Try compare an unidentified elevator with other elevators featured on videos recorded by many elevator filmers/enthusiasts.

Elevator certificates

Main article: Elevator inspection certificate

In some states, the elevator brand is listed on the certificate. Nebraska is one state that does this.

Residential buildings' Sales Brochure

All the residential buildings in Hong Kong, China (which for sales since 2012), you may need to check the Sales Brochure issued by the developers. There will be listed which company made and which model of the elevators are[1].

Elevator records

Some states have elevator records that list the brand of the elevator.

Notes and references

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