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(株式会社 日立製作所) April 13, 2002

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Tokyo, Japan


Hitachi Elevators and Escalators (Japanese: 日立エレベーターエンジニアリング Hitachi erebētaenjiniaringu) is a division belongs to the Japanese company Hitachi Ltd. based in Tokyo, Japan, which manufactures elevators and escalators.


Hitachi's elevator and escalator division was established in 1924. In 1966, Hitachi expanded their elevator and escalator businesses outside Japan, in Hong Kong, and later in Singapore in 1972. In 2009, an elevator test tower G1 Tower was completed in Ibaraki Prefecture, which currently the tallest elevator tower in the world at height of 213 meter.

Notable products

Current products


  • VFI: Standard MR passenger elevator.
  • VFI-II: Standard MR passenger elevator.
  • H-EM: Standard passenger elevator
  • OUG Series ON-1: Machine room less elevator (up to 32 floors)
  • UAG Series SN-1: Machine room less elevator (up to 24 floors)
  • MCA: MR passenger elevator jointly built by Hitachi Elevator China, Singapore and Japan.
  • F-EL: Freight elevator.
  • SVC/SED: Elevator for private homes.
  • HVF: High speed elevator for high-rise buildings.
  • UVF: Ultra high speed elevator for high-rise buildings.
  • PlusHeart and URBANACE: Standard passenger elevator only sold in Japan.

Escalators and moving walks

  • SX Model: Standard escalator manufactured by Hitachi Elevator China.
  • EX Model: Moving walk

Discontinued products


  • Type A Elevator: Standard passenger elevator introduced in 1961.
  • New Type A Elevator: Standard passenger elevator introduced in 1968.
  • BUIL-ACE: Standard passenger elevator introduced in 1970s.
  • BUIL-ACE ASTRO: Introduced in 1978.
  • BUIL-ACE QUALITY 80: Microcomputer control elevator, introduced in 1979.
  • BUIL-ACE QUALITY 80 II: Introduced in 1981. The traction type elevators had been converted to VVVF control since 1985.
  • BUIL-ACE PULIDO: Standard passenger elevator introduced in 1989.
  • BUIL-ACE NewPULIDO: Passenger elevator introduced in 1996.

Escalators and moving walks

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G1 Tower

Hitachi G1 Tower

Hitachi G1 testing tower

The G1 Tower is an elevator test tower built by Hitachi and was completed in 2010, as part of Hitachi's 100th years anniversary. It is located in the site of Mito Works in Ibaraki. It has 10 floors in total; 9 floors above ground and a basement floor. It is currently the tallest elevator testing tower in the world with a height of 213 meter.

Elevator fixtures

Main article: Hitachi Elevator Fixtures Guide

Notable installation references

Main article: List of notable Hitachi elevator installations

Overseas distributors

  • Ahmadiah Contracting & Trading Co. (Lebanon)
  • Ahmadiah International Elevator Co. W.L.L. (Kuwait)
  • Al-Futtaim Engineering L.L.C. (United Arab Emirate)
  • E. Zaum Ltd. (Israel)
  • Gulf Elevators & Escalators Co. Ltd. (Saudi Arabia)
  • Huu Nghi Engineering Corporation (Vietnam)
  • Kuwait Jordanian Co. (Jordan)
  • Lanka Elevator Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. (Sri Lanka)
  • Petrobuild International Elevators Co. W.L.L. (Qatar)
  • PT. Sarang Teknik Utama (Indonesia)
  • Thang Uy Trading Co. Ltd. (Vietnam)
  • Universal Engineering Services L.L.C. (Oman)


Elevator downfall accident in Jakarta

On November 16th, 2007, a 1980s service elevator located in Ratu Plaza office Tower in Jakarta, Indonesia had its suspension ropes broke, causing the elevator car falling down from the lower ground to the basement floor (it was reported that the car falling down from six meters high). Four people were injured.

The building management was told to be responsible for this accident. Police were inspecting the physical look of the elevator and all of the building's equipment.[1]


  • Hitachi has a subsidiary company called Guangzhou Guangri Elevator Industries Co. Ltd. based in Guangzhou, China (it has another name called Guangzhou Hitachi). It was established in 1996 and some of their latest products are branded as Hitachi.
  • The Chinese elevator manufacturer Shanghai Yungtay Engineering was established from a joint-venture investment between Hitachi and Taiwan Yungtay Engineering.
  • Their escalators were also sold in the United States and Australia, but they have been discontinued possibly due to safety reason.
    • An example in the United States can be found in the Starks Building in Louisville, KY.
    • Few examples in Australia are found in 24-32 Hughes St in Cabramatta and Spotlight Campbelltown, Sydney.
  • In Southeast Asia, Hitachi has manufacturing plants located in Singapore and Thailand:
    • In Singapore, it is located in Jurong East.
    • In Thailand, it is located in Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate Phase 9, Chonburi.
  • Prior to 1972, Hitachi elevators in Singapore were distributed by Marubeni Corporation.


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Notes and references

  1. Elevator downfall accident in Jakarta (Indonesian)

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