Hitachi Computer Control (US patent: 4350225[1]) was a traction elevator model made by Hitachi.


Hitachi Computer Control elevator was the first computerized traction elevator system of Hitachi introduced in 1982[2]. These elevators doesn't use mechanical relays, instead, they use either Direct Current Silicon Controlled Rectifier (DC-SCR, for high-rise only) or Alternating Current Variable Voltage (AC-VV, for low-rise or mid-rise only) microcomputer controllers. Not much known about these elevators. They were produced until around mid 1990s when they were replaced with the Alternating Current Variable Voltage Variable Frequency/AC-VVVF model.

Notable installations

Main article: List of notable Hitachi Computer Control elevator installations


  • Most elevators installed in the mid 1980s, except those installed in the early 1990s have the name "Computer Control" on the car floor indicator above the landing doors.
  • Most elevators installed from the mid 1980s to the early 1990s have floor indicators with flashing red LED lamp when the car moves.
  • Another similar elevator system like this was also manufactured by Toshiba in the mid 1980s[3].



Old Hitachi Traction Elevator at Ginza Plaza 58, Tokyo01:43

Old Hitachi Traction Elevator at Ginza Plaza 58, Tokyo

Mid 1980s Hitachi Computer Control elevator found in Ginza Plaza 58, Tokyo, Japan.



Mid 1980s Hitachi Computer Control elevator found in Hong Kong which are using electronic floor indicator

Hitachi Traction Elevator Narai Hotel01:21

Hitachi Traction Elevator Narai Hotel

Early 1990s Hitachi Computer Control elevator found in Narai Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand (video: Ta Garavigo).

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