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Toledo Steam Engine Works

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Schindler Haughton


1890 (Toledo, Ohio, United States)


Nathaniel Haughton



Haughton Elevator Company was a historic American elevator company from Toledo, OH.


Haughton Elevator Co. was founded by Nathaniel Haughton in Toledo, OH in 1890. Haughton Elevator started out as Toledo Steam Engine Works in 1865. At some time, Mr. Haughton took interest in the company by buying a part of the company. In 1880, he bought out the last remaining partner of the company and renamed it N. Haughton Foundry and Machine Co., but in 1897, it was renamed Haughton Elevator and Machine Co. In 1924, Haughton invented the solid automatic door. In 1965, Haughton bought Peelle's escalator division. Haughton was bought out in 1979 by Schindler Elevator Corp. Haughton was then known as Schindler Haughton until Schindler bought Westinghouse's elevator division in 1988-1989. At that point, they dropped "Haughton" from the name and became simply Schindler.


Haughton's factory was first located in Huron Street, close to downtown Toledo, Ohio. It was operational until 1950 when a new factory was built on the Anthony Wayne trail across the Toledo Zoo. After the southern part of the Anthony Wayne Trail factory was demolished, the Toledo Zoo expanded across the street. At the Toledo Zoo, where the Polar Bears are right now was where Haughton's president's office was located. In 2008, the northern part of the Anthony Wayne Trail factory was demolished. There is an unknown warehouse that is still near the zoo that could have been part of the factory.

Notable Haughton elevator models

Notable installations

All of these locations are in the United States of America.


  • Toledo Hospital, Toledo, OH[1]
  • International Bank Building, Toledo, OH
  • Lorraine Motor Hotel, Toledo, OH 
  • Fiberglas Tower, Toledo, OH [2]
  • Commodore Perry Hotel, Toledo, OH
  • Imagination Station, Toledo, OH
  • Louisville Building, Toledo, OH


  • 1st National Bank, San Diego, CA
  • San Diego Gas & Electric, San Diego, CA
  • VA Hospital, La Jolla, CA
  • Federal Building, Los Angeles, CA
  • Federal Building, San Francisco, CA
  • Federal Building, Seattle, WA
  • 1888 Avenue of the Stars, Century City, CA
  • 1901 Avenue of the Stars, Century City, CA


  • Intercontinental Chicago, Chicago, IL
  • Atlanta Medical Centre, Atlanta, GA
  • Exchange Building, Atlanta, GA
  • Bankruptcy Court, Roanoke, VA[3]
  • Arrott Building, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Lawyers Building, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Park West Two, Robinson, PA
  • SAFCO Insurance, Seattle, WA
  • Many buildings at the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY (most have been modernized, however)


  • When Schindler acquires Haughton in the late 1970s, their elevator products were branded as "Schindler Haughton" until 1989.
  • When Haughton was Schindler Haughton, they used LCD indicators and still used some of Haughton original floor indicators.
  • Haughton was one of the first elevator companies to use "Tach Feedback" for motor control.
  • Much of Schindler's modern design is a heritage from Haughton. The tall indicator arrows and lanterns, notably the ones in the HT fixtures and it's vandal resistant variant. Schindler was also one of the very first companies to use modern red 7-segment displays, this coming from the old LCD displays (Interestingly, Schindler bought the two companies that widely used LCDs, Haughton and Westinghouse).


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  1. Haughton and Schindler Haughton elevators. Some of them have been modernized by Otis.
  2. Elevators defunct.
  3. Modernized by United States elevator company.

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